Johnny Manziel: Minor Setback For a Major Comeback

What’s up haters? So my guy may have lost a little weight. And yeah he may have a couple of screws loose under that electric haircut of his too. You try partying all night without the occasional line of cocaine. It was the offseason of sex, drugs, and rock & roll, but he’s back focused now. 20 days sober and ready for that epic comeback he’s been telling us about for months.

You see, unlike the rest of you wishy washy Manziel fans leaving negative comments on his IG, I’m an Aggie. And when you’re an Aggie, you’re an Aggie for life. Aggies help Aggies, which is why I am calling out Gary Kubiak. Manziel is sober and ready to roll just in time for training camp. He could also really benefit medically from some of that legal pot you guys got in Colorado.  It’s time to prove that you respect the Aggie traditions and give Manziel another chance. Thanks and Gig’ Em.

P.S. If Aggies are no longer helping Aggies I vote for the next rule change allow us to sit during football games. Also, I will cool it on the Johnny/ A&M blogs once you recruit someone as electric as Johnny fucking football.


Johnny Manziel: Minor Setback For a Major Comeback

Manziel Living With Josh Gordon And Or Von Miller

This story has taken a pretty wild turn of events, as does everything Johnny Manziel touches so I will break it down piece by piece. Last night Johnny was seen out acting absolutely electric with the TMZ crew. “I’m living out here with my guy, Von Miller. Everybody knows Von Miller. Super Bowl MVP, Von Miller, my brother. I’m living with him right now, We’re getting our lives together, bro.” Nothing to see here, just two Aggie bros getting their lives together. At this point I am almost positive Manziel thinks the whole Kubes-Miller-Manziel Aggie connection is going to come through for him. In Johnny’s blacked out coked up brain he already is a Denver Bronco, he is just waiting for the paperwork to go through.

However, Von comes back with a dynamite Step Brothers IG post saying he does not live with Johnny….


Lol, you guys are HILARIOUS!!! Haha, I love it. I got his back no matter what! #LOVE #gigem @jmanziel2

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Then ESPN reports that he Manziel is actually living with Josh Gordon, not Von Miller and holy shit as I am typing this blog a report just came out that Josh Gordon failed ANOTHER drug test for marijuana. WATTBAB- What a time to be a blogger.

The image  of Josh Gordon, the most notorious stoner in the NFL, and Manziel, the most infamous party personality in all of sports living in the same house screams reality television. Add in Von Miller who has been suspended for failing drug tests for molly, and you got yourself a fucking Golden Globe. I would pay a substantial amount of money to watch these guys party, smoke weed, bang chicks and of course take hallucinogenic drugs together.


Manziel Living With Josh Gordon And Or Von Miller