Rockets Draft Recap

Can’t wait for these second round picks to make an immediate impact with Mike D’Antoni. Morey you did it again. I can smell that 8th seed already. Playoffs here we come!

Round 2, Pick 37: Chinanu Onuaku

Really smart pick up. Chinanu was college teammates with Montrezl Harrell so we already know they are VERY familiar with each other. Sleeping with the same girl and becoming weiner cousins is similar to being twins, you know what the other is thinking at all times. This should provide some excellent chemistry on and off the court. Not to mention Chinanu can not shoot free throws to save his life, which makes him an ideal replacement for Dwight Howard.

Round 2, Pick 43: Zhou Qi

Excellent draft and stash. Zhou will really help the Rockets corner the Chinese market. Once we bring back Jeremy Lin he should have a friendly face around the building as well. I’m not sure where Yi Jianlian is right now, but I think we should consider bringing him over as well to help provide some length while also spreading the court. I can’t wait for Zhou to come play for us in 5 years.

Undrafted Free Agent: Gary Payton II

The Glove Jr. Freak athlete. Will probably contribute more in year one than either of the draft picks due to our gaping hole at back up point guard. He’s not a great shooter, but he is the first person I have seen successfully complete a 4 point play without free throws (watch video below). He should fit right in considering Morey’s views on analytics.

Rockets Draft Recap

Mike D’Antoni Introduction Press Conference Summary

Via Calvin Watkins at ESPN- “Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander started Wednesday’s news conference by telling the critics of his hire of Mike D’Antoni as his new coach that it was a dual decision with GM Daryl Morey.”Daryl and I made this choice together,” Alexander said. “I’ve always wanted to play this way.””This” way is up-tempo, something D’Antoni, 65, is known for, and the Rockets have bought into the new way of doing things in the league.”

Today was the official press conference after hiring Mike D’Antoni and like most assumed, the hiring has Leslie Alexander written all over it. From Alexander starting the press conference defending himself referencing the naysayers, to the story about Alexander wishing he had a coach like D’Antoni after being defeated by the Knicks in a regular season outing in 2012. Then Daryl Morey on sports talk 790 tells Sean and Adam that every owner makes decisions like this in an NBA franchise and if they say they don’t they are lying. 

D’Antoni did set precedence for many of the offenses that are run in the NBA today. However, this will not be an immediate turn around. We can play up tempo like Golden State and the Spurs all we want, but until we have the roster to do so we will not be able to compete with them.

Contrary to other Rockets fans, I am now pro Mikey D. Shaving the mustache right off the bat takes some big testicles. It shows me just what I was looking fot in that he is starting clean. One rule I live by in sports is once a player/coach is on my team, I won’t hate them until they fuck up. All I care about is the Rockets. I didn’t want Billy O and that is looking to pan out pretty well. I didn’t want Brock pre free agency, but now that he is on the Texans he is going to win another Super Bowl and I am ready to end lives on his behalf.

Mike D’Antoni Introduction Press Conference Summary

Harden Left Off Every All-NBA Team


Pos. | Player (Team) | 1st team votes | 2nd team votes | 3rd team votes | Total

F | LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers) | 125 | 4 | — | 637

F | Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio Spurs) | 94 | 35 | — | 575

C | DeAndre Jordan (Los Angeles Clippers) | 39 | 36 | 14 | 317

G | Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) | 129 | — | — | 645

G | Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder) | 120 | 9 | — | 627


Pos. | Player (Team) | 1st team votes | 2nd team votes | 3rd team votes | Total

F | Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder) | 36 | 90 | 2 | 452

F | Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors) | 40 | 74 | 9 | 431

C | DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings) | 32 | 28 | 33 | 277

G | Chris Paul (Los Angeles Clippers) | 8 | 101 | 10 | 353

G | Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers) | — | 48 | 73 | 217


Pos. | Player (Team) | 1st team votes | 2nd team votes | 3rd team votes | Total

F | Paul George (Indiana Pacers) | — | 28 | 73 | 157

F | LaMarcus Aldridge (San Antonio Spurs) | 3 | 11 | 55 | 103

C | Andre Drummond (Detroit Pistons) | 13 | 26 | 30 | 173

G | Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors) | — | 37 | 53 | 164

G | Kyle Lowry (Toronto Raptors) | — | 35 | 50 | 155

Other players receiving votes, with point totals (First Team votes in parentheses): James Harden, Houston, 106; Paul Millsap, Atlanta, 84;Anthony Davis, New Orleans, 76 (1); Al Horford, Atlanta, 76 (2); Karl-Anthony Towns, Minnesota, 44; DeMar DeRozan, Toronto, 26; Hassan Whiteside, Miami, 24 (1); Isaiah Thomas, Boston, 20; Pau Gasol, Chicago, 16 (2); Jimmy Butler, Chicago, 12; Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas, 8; John Wall, Washington, 7; Kemba Walker, Charlotte, 6; Tim Duncan, San Antonio, 3; Gordon Hayward, Utah, 3; Dwight Howard, Houston, 3; Carmelo Anthony, New York, 2; Marc Gasol, Memphis, 2;Andrew Bogut, Golden State, 1; Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers, 1; Brook Lopez, Brooklyn, 1; Tony Parker, San Antonio, 1.

Good news and bad news for James today. Good news, Rockets hired Mike D’Antoni which means he is safe from playing defense for at least another couple years. Bad news, he didn’t make the any of the All-NBA teams after finishing 1st team and MVP runner up last year. Good news for us as fans is hopefully this will drive him to work harder on the defensive end. It is no longer just twitter clowning on a guy for showing lackadaisical effort. Respected NBA media members have taken notice. And he has a right to feel disrespected. 29, 8 and 6 is no joke. He has to come out next year ready to shut people the fuck up or we never will win with him. A great competitor takes things like this personal #WWJJWD (what would JJ Watt Do?) Only guy  has a reason to be more upset about this list and that Mr. Unibrow Anthony Davis himself who misses out on a cool $24 mil for not making any of the NBA teams.

Harden Left Off Every All-NBA Team

Rockets In The Process Of Finalizing Deal With D’Antoni

Via ESPN.Com- “The Houston Rockets are finalizing a deal to make Mike D’Antoni their new head coach, a source said Thursday. The offensive-minded D’Antoni has been a head coach with Denver, Phoenix, New York and the Los Angeles Lakers. He would replace the fired Kevin McHale and interim successor J.B. Bickerstaff. The Rockets had interviewed 12 candidates for the position and are the last NBA team without a coach after the Memphis Grizzlies reportedly reached a deal with Miami Heat assistant David Fizdale.”

Why god? What did Houston do to deserve this?  Dwight is going to leave regardless, we don’t need to hire Mike fucking D’Antoni to force his hand. Any imbecile that watched one Rockets game this year would know that our problem did not lie on the offensive end. We are no where near athletic enough to run the up tempo offense he will push us to run either. We have no hoopers. We have Corey Brewer, an aged Trevor Ariza, and a homeless man running the point. And what does it say about a “head coach” if you feel the need to hire elite defensive minded defensive coaches with him. If he didn’t dickride Nash for 4 years, the guy would be irrelevant. Oh, and D’Antoni was in PHILLY last year. What the hell improvement did Philly make to earn him a head coaching job again? With Morey and D’Antoni running the show I wouldn’t be surprised if Harden even made it up the court on defense. Snowbird offense. ANALYTICS.

Rockets In The Process Of Finalizing Deal With D’Antoni

Dwight Howard Intervention On TNT

Maybe there is a little Houston bias here, but I have never had a problem with Dwight. Yes he showed some immaturity in Orlando. And yes, if I was a Laker fan I would be forced to hate him, but in hindsight can any sane person really blame him for getting the fuck out of LA while he still could? I know we just concluded the farewell Kobe tour, but I didn’t see one marquee free agent choose to play with the prick late in his career. And Steve Nash was basically a cripple by that point.

Last night Dwight went through an intervention on TNT. People seemed shocked by his answers, but anyone who has remotely followed Dwight throughout his Rocket tenure should not be surprised by any of his statements. He has always said the right things since he arrived in Houston and for the most part he has always played hard. Sometimes it is difficult to appear involved when you rarely touch the ball. Don’t get it twisted though, I’m definitely not advocating for Dwight to get a ton of touches in the post. The truth is, the guys back to the basket game is shit unless he is a foot away from the goal. Despite his superior athleticism, he is one of the most stiff players I have ever watched and the back injuries late in his career have not helped. You have to find other ways to keep him involved via pick and rolls, hi-lo plays etc. He is also a constant victim by referees and players get under his skin easily thus leading him to commit dumb fouls out of frustration. It’s a two-way street with Dwight. He chose the wrong organization to fuck over, he has not always handled adversity well, and most importantly he has not developed into the player many thought he would be. However, I have never doubted his effort in games, his work ethic off the court, or his commitment to the team.

As stated by Chuck and Kenny, Dwight WILL opt out of Houston. It’s clear him and James aren’t the best combo on or off the court and he is way too good of a player to play on a one year deal, especially considering his injury issues in the past and the stupid money flying around the league. This is a chance for him and his 6 baby mamas to really be set for life. “Too much money ain’t enough money.” As a Rocket fan, I will always appreciate Dwight for his time in the H. You tried big fella now it is time for both parties to move on.

P.S. Shaq and Dwight now have the same agent and Charles finally seems to be over his Rockets beef. Shame Dwight is going to leave right when the NBA on TNT crew eases up on the squad.

Dwight Howard Intervention On TNT

Rockets Sign MARQUEE Free Agents

Via ESPN’s Marc Stein- “Fresh off being named MVP of the Chinese Basketball Association, Michael Beasley is headed to the Houston Rockets, according to league sources. Sources told that Beasley and the Rockets have agreed to a contract for the rest of the season at the league minimum, with Houston possessing a team option for next season. reported last week that Beasley, 27, bypassed a lucrative offer from perennial European power Maccabi Tel Aviv, as well as other overseas interest, because he was determined to return to the NBA.”

Out goes the drunk, in comes the stoner. I see what Morey is doing here. He knows the team is on edge so he is signing the most mellow guy in the league to calm the nerves. Team chemistry may be out of whack now, but just wait until Beasley brings in some of that Chinese fire to a team smoke sesh at Harden’s place.

The former 2nd overall pick obviously hasn’t lived up to his NBA potential, but he did just win MVP of the Chinese Basketball League and he appears to be committed to continuing his career in the NBA (who wouldn’t after having to live in China for a couple months). He obviously has the talent and having success at the NBA level is dependent on being in the right system/situation so let’s hope he fits right in.


That wasn’t the only move of the day either. Hours earlier Morey signed former Laker point guard Andrew Goudelock who had been playing in China as well. Even if he doesn’t step foot on the court this year he will probably provide a more positive influence than Lawson, so overall A+ move. Need to learn how to pronounce that last name STAT.


Rockets Sign MARQUEE Free Agents

Rockets And Ty Lawson Reach A Buyout Agreement

Via ESPN- The Houston Rockets reached a buyout settlement on Tuesday with point guard Ty Lawson pending league approval, according to a source.

NBA teams have to release players by Tuesday in order for them to become eligible to sign with another team and participate on a playoff roster.

white flag.jpg

Pack it up boys let’s call it a season. The only thing more inconsistent than my takes on the Rockets, is the Rockets. One second I think we have potential to get shit together, the next minute they rip my heart out like Khal Drogo from Game Of Thrones. Some reading may think Ty didn’t make an impact on this team anyways, which is true, but this move has deeper implications. Since the D-Mo and recently waived Thornton trade was vetoed by that Ghost town of a city they call Detroit, the Rockets once again had to pay the 20 million dollar luxury tax penalty. The waiving of Thornton and Ty’s buyout will now place us under the salary cap, saving Leslie Alexander his money. Sure, Ty didn’t necessarily help us AT ALL this year, but with no more additions available to be made, he certainly was not making us worse by keeping him around. All this move represents is a business decision. Leslie didn’t become a billionaire by keeping his money invested in shitty stocks.



Rockets And Ty Lawson Reach A Buyout Agreement