Degenerate Picks Jan 29th-NBA Edition

It’s Friday night and you want to make watching basketball a little more interesting, so you decide to throw down a couple bets with your bookie. Well if your going to bet some money you might as well win right. Here’s a couple lines I’m throwing some money on for tonight’s NBA lineup.

Cleveland at Detroit, Det +4.5

Ya, ya, ya why would I take Detroit against Cleveland. Well Detroit is 15-6-1 at home against the spread. Pretty good right? To make things even better Cleveland is 9-12-2 against the spread on the road. Combine these factors together and you got your self a nice chance of winning some money.

Brooklyn at Dallas, Dal -9

First things first, Brooklyn is complete ass this year. Add the fact Dallas is 14-7 at home against the spread and you got yourself a nice bet. Following a loss (they lost to the Heat on Tuesday), Brooklyn is 14-16 against the spread. Add in the fact that the Mavericks are 13-8 against the spread when favored and this seems to be a sure fire bet.

Houston at Oklahoma City, Hou +7.5

Normally I would stay away from this game. To be flat out honest, the Rockets are about as shitty as it gets against the spread, but fuck it they are my home town squad and we are on prime time NBATV tonight. The Thunder have been squeezing out some close wins against teams like Minnesota and a Knicks team that didn’t have Melo, they even lost to Brooklyn. With the entire nation watching I think this will be a close game to the end.

Bonus: Charlotte at Portland, Portland -6.5

I’m betting this late night game based off how I do in my early games. I like the game solely for the reason that Damian Lillard was left out of the All-Star game yet again. Dame Dolla came into the league with a chip on his shouldercoming out of Weber State. Tonight that chips going to be a even bigger since he’s clearly played well enough to be invited to Toronto. Look for Lillard to ball the fuck out and get his team a big win tonight.


Degenerate Picks Jan 29th-NBA Edition

Degenerate Picks- NFL Division Playoffs

With only 7 more games left until football is out of our lives for 8 months, its the perfect time to become a compulsive gambler! Last week I went 2-2 against the spread with wins on the under for KC v. HOU and GB in the blow out. On the other two games, I chose the right teams to win but was off 2 points on the SEA v. MIN and 1 point off the PIT v. CIN. So ehh, I’ll live with those loses. NFL playoffs are tough but here is a look for the Divisional Round games.

Kansas City v. -5 1/2 New England

The last time these two teams played, KC smacked the Pats around so bad that Belichick was actually asked if it was finally time to bench Tom Brady. No joke, if you don’t remember last year NE came into Arrowhead and got beat 41-14. But none of that matters because the Pats went 13-2 the rest of the season and got the last laugh with the Lombardi Trophy. So forget about that shit. Its a new year with 2 different teams. The Chiefs absolutely have a defense that can slow the Patriots down on Saturday, but can their offense keep up with Pats? No. Unless Brady throws for 4 picks like that bald head fuck in Houston, the Patriots should win. Especially with a extra week to prepare. Hopefully the Pats are done smoking K2/getting into bar fights and are ready to play.


*Note- Gronk went to the hospital last night with a infection in his knee. If he is healthy, I would keep the pick. If not, as stupid as this might sound, I would take the Chiefs. The line should move with this news, so we shall see.

Green Bay v. -7 Arizona 

Back in Week 15, the Cardinals pulled down the little Packers panties and went to town on them winning 38-8. Cardinals sacked Rodgers 8 times and recovered 2 of his fumbles for TD’s. Will that happen again? No. But don’t expect the Packers offense to be firing on all cylinders after one good game against a lesser opponent. The game won’t be as lopsided as it was a couple weeks ago. However, Arizona is simply better from top to bottom. 7 points is a lot but I see Arizona pulling it off.635868486007675342-GPG-ES-Packers-vs-Cardinals-12.27.1501006aaron-rodgers.vresize.1200.675.high.55


P.S- This IG post says it all. Poor Olivia. Aaron must have had to deal with so many awkward questions, asking about the proposal all week from the Munn’s family. Guys got a game to play and this happens. -7 Arizona looking even better.



Seattle v. -3 Carolina

This will probably be the best game of the weekend. Both teams are very much alike. On paper, the Seahawks have the edge on pretty much every category. The last time they played, Cam Newton drove down the field with :30 seconds left and threw a TD pass to Greg Olsen to win 27-23. But even after finishing the season 15-1, it seems like they are the most underrated 1 loss team in history. A win here over the Seahawks will go a long way in convincing the naysayers. A week off should help the future MVP Cam and I see Carolina pulling it off.


P.S- Why is this game not on Saturday night ?Gotta be the best game of the weekend. Instead you’re going to have the Packers being murdered live on prime time.Poor Cam, gets no love.


Pittsburgh vs. Denver*

*Line isnt posted yet. Other lines are all over the place. Will update when a reliable line is up.



Degenerate Picks- NFL Division Playoffs

Great Game, Horrible Backdoor


(Alabama -7 vs. Clemson)

Up 38-33 with 1:07 left on the clock, the Heisman winner Derrick Henry scores the go ahead 1 yard touchdown to put the Crimson Tide up 45-33 and win the National Championship. Not only did he help seal Saban’s 5th Championship, but helped all the lonely gamblers out there (including me) cover the spread with Bama -7. Clemson had no timeouts. No hope. Nada.



:12 seconds left, Deshaun Watson throws a meaningless 24 yard TD pass. 12 SECONDS. 12! Fucking Dabo. Classic backdoor.


However, overall the game was a instant classic to end one of the worst bowl seasons ever. Clemson looked like the better team for most of the game. Watson was a beast scoring 4 TD’s. Looked like a ole Vince Young. Even beat VY’s Total Yards record in a National Championship game with 478 compared to Young’s 467. But it wasn’t enough to beat the Tide. The game all changed when Nick Saban decided to put his nuts on the line and kick a onside kick with the game tied 24-24 in the 4th quarter. Jake (Pizza Face) Coker scored two plays later and Bama never lost the lead.

Dabo learned the truth about playing a Saban coached Alabama team, they are a complete team. There were no obvious holes, no noticing weaknesses, no area of the game which the Tide can be exploited. As much as I hate to say it, Saban is the king.

P.S- Cool ending to Jake Coker’s college career. Backing up EJ Manuel and expecting to start the next year only to be replaced by Jameis. Then transferring to Bama last year only to back up Blake Sims. Now he is a National Champion. Only question is that now that we know Coker can beat Clemson, can he beat his toughest opponent…. acne? Doesn’t look likely.


Great Game, Horrible Backdoor

Degenerate Picks- Wildcard Weekend

WILDCARD WEEKEND BITCHES! Welp there is only 11 more games for all the degenerates out there to bet on (unless you count the Pro Bowl and if you’re betting on that, you need to check yourself into a clinic). My New Year Eve Picks didn’t go as planned but the 3rd Ward Cougars did saved me from going 0-3 and eating mustard sandwiches for the week. Here are the picks:

Kansas City vs. Houston  Under 40

Both teams have excellent defense’s. Kansas City has only given up a average of 12.5 points a game during its last 10 games, while Houston has held teams to 10 or fewer points in six out of their last 7 wins. Both defense’s are hot at the right time. I don’t see these offenses to score much. Take the under.

Pittsburgh -3 vs. Cincinnati


Two words: AJ MCCARRON. Yeah he’s been looking better in his past 3 games throwing for 4 TD’s and no picks. But look at that picture. Nope. No way I’m picking the Bengals and all their offensive weapons with a QB tatted like that. I just picture him poppin shirt in the locker room, showing off his sweet tats and trying to fit in. Then Pacman walks in and stuffs him the dirty laundry basket. But for real, its the Bengals. All they are good for is showing up to the playoffs and dying in the first game. The last game they played the Steelers with McCarron, the Steelers won by 13. However, they had a pick- 6 and got lucky with a turnover in the 20 yard line that set up a score. The game will be close. I would feel better with DeAngelo playing but I see Triple-Chin Big Ben and his passing offense being too powerful.


Seattle -3 vs. Minnesota

Seattle is on fire the last couple weeks. The game is suppose to be one of the coldest in NFL history with wind chill to hit -15 and -20 degrees below zero. Both teams will have to rely on the running game and the Vikings shouldn’t have a problem with AP in the backfield. They are 7-0 when he runs for 100 yards or more. However, Seattle has the number 1 run defense and with Lynch projected to come back, I see Seattle dropping the hammer on them. The last time they played, Seattle won on the road 38-7 with the Vikings only score coming from a Patterson 101-yard kickoff return. Minnesota isn’t real and I would throw serious cash on Seattle.

Green Bay vs. Washington -1

Both teams are unpredictable. However, when it comes to the playoffs, who do you really think is going to win, Rodgers or Cousins? Rodgers 10/10. -1 really? 4 out of Green Bay’s 6 loses are from playoff teams. They are too good not to find a way to win. Take the Pack.


Degenerate Picks- Wildcard Weekend

Degenerate Picks- NYE Edition

Before I get in on these picks, why the fuck are both playoff games on a Thursday in the day? I get the NCAA wants to start making NYE a tradition but shit, put them on a Saturday or on New Years so people can watch it on their off days. Anyways, here are picks to go by today:

Houston v. FSU -7

At first glance it looks like a easy FSU pick. The Georgia Dome will be packed with Nole fans and Houston hasn’t faced a team with that speed and Devin Cook is a monster. But I see Tom . Herman having his team ready and I don’t see them losing by 7. Take Houston.

OU -4 v. Clemson

Clemson has never looked dominant on defense all season. Their best wins are ND by 2, FSU by 10, and North Carolina by 5.  Yeah those are good teams, but all are over-rated and they didn’t look amazing in any of them. OU on the other hand has beaten 9 bowl teams this season including 3 Top 10 teams and Tennessee in the beginning. I feel like OU will kill them and move on to the Championship.

Mich. State v. Alabama -10.5

Michigan State is not good enough to beat Bama. Plain and simple. However, both teams are boring offenses and both teams will score. I see Bama winning but not by 10.5. Take Mich. State.


Im already in the dumps eating Mustard Sandwichs after losing big on A&M last night. But take these picks if you want to be rich.

Degenerate Picks- NYE Edition