Degenerates Picks- NFL Week 1

Image result for nfl logo moneyBeen off the wagon for a little while but since football is back, I’m back. Week 1 always sucks. No one knows how good the teams really are and Vegas sets some sneaky lines. But does that stop degenerates? Nope. Can’t stop, won’t stop. So here is easy money picks (lines off Bovada):

Chicago at Houston (-6.5)  O/U 44

-6.5?? I’m not trying to be a “homer” but if this game was to be played in December, the line would be at -12 HOU. The Texans offense is unproven but at this point, it is way better than last year. Plus, the defense will have JJ back along with Clowney, who has been looking like a freak lately. Cutler might get sacked over 5 times. Take Houston -6.5.

Oakland (+1) at New Orleans   O/U 51

Not sure why people are high on the Saints this year. I understand Brees is still Brees but they have the worst o-line in the league. Poor guy won’t make all 16 games. The Saints defense also stinks and who is going to stop Amari Cooper/Latavius Murray? This game will get ugly. Take Oakland +1

Detroit at Indianapolis (-4.5)  O/U 51

I’m going to forget what happened last year with the Colts. Yeah, they have a 65 year old Frank Gore in the backfield and a defense that shouldn’t scare anyone. But they do have a healthy Luck paired with Moncrief/Hilton. Not as confident on this game because the Lions did do well at the end of last season, but I do believe the Colts to win by at least a touchdown. Take Colts -4.5

 Green Bay at Jacksonville (+6)  O/U 48

The Jags are still the Jags. They haven’t had a winning recorded since 2007 but it looks like this year they have a chance to steal the show. Surprised this game is +6 at Jacksonville because the Jaguars always sell out and have a packed crowd (If they don’t, just add more tarp. Old trick). But they are playing Aaron Rodgers and the Packers will be a playoff team. The Packers will win the game but I see the Jaguars keeping it close. Take Jacksonville +6.


Degenerates Picks- NFL Week 1

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