23 Years Ago Today Nolan Ryan Beat Robin Ventura to a Pulp


God my pants get tighter every time I watch old man Ryan put Robin Ventura into a head lock and go to town. Hands down, my favorite sports fight of all time. From the wise words of a gay thug from Baltimore, “Come at the King, you best not miss” and damn, did he miss. Robin, who had just turned 26 and coming off a All-Star and Golden Glove season, must have thought the old geezer on the mound was easy pickings. I mean Nolan Ryan was 46 at the time. FORTY-SIX. But that’s old man strength for ya. Never under estimate old man strength.  One second you think your going to whoop a hall of famer’s ass and the next, you’re googling yourself 23 years later just to find the first 10 hits are of you getting beat to a pulp.


P.S- I guess Nolan ended up at the bottom of the pile and was being stomped on. Out of all people, Bo Jackson was the one who picked him up and saved him. Jesus, Bo can do anything.

“All I remember is that I couldn’t breathe,” says Ryan. “I thought I was going to black out and die, when all of a sudden I see two big arms tossing bodies off of me. It was Bo Jackson. He had come to my rescue, and I’m awful glad he did, because I was about to pass out. I called him that night and thanked him.”

23 Years Ago Today Nolan Ryan Beat Robin Ventura to a Pulp

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