Texas A&M Opens Kyle Field For People To Catch Pokemon

Via ESPN- “COLLEGE STATION, Texas — It turns out that the only thing harder to catch on Kyle Field than Christian Kirk is Hitmonlee – and more than 1,600 people showed up on Wednesday to try. Texas A&M football’s home field became one of the latest places to get swept up in the Pokemon Go craze, as a whopping 1,604 smartphone-wielding fans used the increasingly popular app to hunt Pokemon for two hours on the same grounds where Myles Garrett hunts quarterbacks. In a less-than-24-hour turnaround, the school decided on Tuesday evening to open up the SEC’s largest stadium to the public, posting notices on Twitter and other social media promoting the event, and people of all ages flocked to the facility for a chance to not only catch Pokemon but to experience walking inside Kyle Field, which was completely redeveloped prior to the 2015 season and seats 102,733.”

It’s a great day to be an Aggie. The football opener is 50 days away, Manziel has been sober for 14 days, and the faculty is embracing Pokemon Go as the 4th biggest sport in America. Not surprising at all that one of the best college football stadiums in America has a Pokemon as rare as Hitmonlee chillin on the 50 yard line. Also not surprising that we set the precedent for other college football programs to follow. Roll with the winners.


P.S. Working with a bunch of old people, I’ve taken a bunch of shit the past couple of days about my Pokemon Go endeavors. It seems us millennials will never be able to please our elders. “Get outside more” they said. Well, I’m outside more now than ever yet I get looked at like I’m fucking Hitler when I’m trying to catch Eevee’s in public. I think the real problem here is that we are starting to intrude on the old people’s territory. I took a walk around the park yesterday, which before Pokemon Go was the definitely most old person shit you could do.


Texas A&M Opens Kyle Field For People To Catch Pokemon

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