A Tribute To Tim Duncan

Growing up a loyal Houstonian, I used to fucking hate the Spurs. Not only were they in that shithole of a city they call San Antonio, but the flopping was too much too handle (this was before the whole NBA adopted their foreign blood magic). They passed the ball too much and didn’t dunk the ball nearly enough. However as I grew older and matured (sort of), I grew a sense of respect for the Spurs style of play, their fan base, Popovich, and of course their star player.

Tim Duncan was never flashy, which is why he never caught my attention as a kid. While AI was laying down his patented crossover, TD was perfecting the bank shot. He said all the right things. He didn’t wow you with his athleticism, nor was he a common guest on Sports Centers top 10 plays. He just got the fucking job done and he did it more effectively for a longer duration of time than any athlete I have had the privelage of watching. I’m at that weird age where I am starting to see the iconic athletes I grew up watching begin to retire. Soon I will be the annoying old man telling his grandkids that Bob Cousy would run circles around Steph Curry. Regardless, Timmy D is a legend and he will surely be missed.

P.S. No way I end this article without mentioning his clothes. The guy is a millionaire dressing up like a Target manikin in 2002. Some may blame AI for the implementation of the NBA dress code, I blame Tim Duncan’s JINCO jeans.



A Tribute To Tim Duncan

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