Rio Olympic Update: “Mutilated” Body Found Yards Away From Beach Volleyball Site

Yahoo– With a dark cloud already hanging over the 2016 Summer Olympics, the last thing Rio de Janeiro organizers needed was more bad publicity. But they certainly got it Wednesday. Parts of a mutilated body were discovered on Copacabana beach, mere yards away from the 2016 Summer Olympics beach volleyball site, police said. The body was initially found by a local street vendor, who reported the findings to a Rio newspaper. Police have not commented on the finding, nor have they provided further details.The washed up body is the latest of many concerns headed into the Rio games. Local political turmoil, a financial crisis, the Zika virus, delayed construction, water pollution and doping controversies are just some of the issues that threaten to haunt the event.


Is the Rio Olympics going to be the most entertaining Olympics or what? Can’t imagine the action spectators at the games are going to have.One second you’re watching 4 girls in bathing suits play volleyball. The next, you are walking over disfigured bodies, hoping not to get mugged on your way to the hotel. Not to mention you are drenched in mosquito spray (trying not to get a virus you probably already got the minute you stepped off the plane), hungover (because alcohol is 1000x safer then drinking the water there), and there is a good chance the stands you are sitting on will collapse. Half of the stadiums are not even close to being ready. Just look at the volleyball stadium with 5 weeks to go:

No way is this stadium up to code with the pressure these people are under to finish in time. I mean the City is already over a couple billion dollars in debt and MUTILATED bodies are just popping up.

If these games still go on, it will be must watch TV. Athletes and fans just dying left and right, while the USA goes ahead and wins another medal count. CAN’T WAIT!

Rio Olympic Update: “Mutilated” Body Found Yards Away From Beach Volleyball Site

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