Rockets Draft Recap

Can’t wait for these second round picks to make an immediate impact with Mike D’Antoni. Morey you did it again. I can smell that 8th seed already. Playoffs here we come!

Round 2, Pick 37: Chinanu Onuaku

Really smart pick up. Chinanu was college teammates with Montrezl Harrell so we already know they are VERY familiar with each other. Sleeping with the same girl and becoming weiner cousins is similar to being twins, you know what the other is thinking at all times. This should provide some excellent chemistry on and off the court. Not to mention Chinanu can not shoot free throws to save his life, which makes him an ideal replacement for Dwight Howard.

Round 2, Pick 43: Zhou Qi

Excellent draft and stash. Zhou will really help the Rockets corner the Chinese market. Once we bring back Jeremy Lin he should have a friendly face around the building as well. I’m not sure where Yi Jianlian is right now, but I think we should consider bringing him over as well to help provide some length while also spreading the court. I can’t wait for Zhou to come play for us in 5 years.

Undrafted Free Agent: Gary Payton II

The Glove Jr. Freak athlete. Will probably contribute more in year one than either of the draft picks due to our gaping hole at back up point guard. He’s not a great shooter, but he is the first person I have seen successfully complete a 4 point play without free throws (watch video below). He should fit right in considering Morey’s views on analytics.

Rockets Draft Recap

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