Texans Defense Group Chat

If you haven’t noticed Watt has become a little bit more self-aware lately and I am giving all credit to Cush and the boys. Nothing brings you back down to earth quite like 5 guys in a group text shitting on you. Every time I drunk post something on Snap Chat I already know the group chat is going rip me the next morning. It never fails. Similar to a team, every guy in a group chat has a role. Here is how I imagine a Texans defense group chat operating…

Brian Cushing

  • Starts most of the group chat conversations
  • Sends old embarrassing photos of all members
  • Has horrible punctuation
  • Constantly references inside jokes

Jadeveon Clowney

  • Barely Speaks, but when he does it’s hilarious
  • Chimes in with the occasional Lol, Haha, or LMFAO if he finds it really funny

Kareem and J-Jo

  • Feed off eachother
  • One doesn’t text if the other isn’t
  • Use acronyms such as SMH
  • Strong advocates of black twitter

Whitney Mercilius

  • Only sends memes
  • Never spells anything correct

Vince Wilfork

  • Sends lunch plans for the group
  • Nightly pictures of his dinner

Charles James

  • Constantly sends videos of himself
  • Blows up the group when no one else is talking
  • Annoys everyone
Texans Defense Group Chat

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