Guys Play Basketball In Houston Traffic

Just when I thought I couldn’t hate a person any more, watching this traffic blocking douche bag conduct an interview on ABC after the NBA finals in a barber chair put the icing on the cake. Apparently stopping traffic is something Monsee Cortes and his fat cousin do regularly which by default makes them the worst human beings in the city. Honestly, how heartless do you have to be to prevent people from getting home after they spend 8 miserable hours at their dead end job? Catch me on a bad day doing this shit and you will never hear from me again. I will have to flee the country. My road rage is out of control. I will run them over, reverse and do it again. Richie April Sopranos style.

However I have not come across these men yet, and there is a possibility I never will. Yet, they are still out there blocking traffic on some of our busiest roads. Sports Fiasco readers, all six of you out there, I am calling on you to STOP these men in case I never get the opportunity. I’m not asking you to kill them (unless you want to), just clip Monsee or his chubby cousin with your bumper. You will not only be the hero Houston needs, but the one the working class deserves. And when the day comes, I hope ball was really life losers.


Guys Play Basketball In Houston Traffic

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