Kimbo Slice Dead at 42

(CNN) Mixed martial arts fighter Kimbo Slice died Monday, according to the MMA organization that represented him. He was 42 years old.

“One of the most popular MMA fighters ever, Kimbo was a charismatic, larger-than-life personality that transcended the sport. Outside of the cage he was a friendly, gentle giant and a devoted family man,” said Bellator MMA President Scott Coker. “His loss leaves us all with extremely heavy hearts, and our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Ferguson family and all of Kimbo’s friends, fans, and teammates.”


If YouTube had a Hall of Fame, Kimbo Slice would be a first ballot shoo-in. He was one of the first internet stars. From 5th-8th grade, my internet was pretty much 3 things: Myspace, Limewire, and YouTube. That’s it. Kids these days don’t understand how rough the early days of the World Wide Web were. Limewire especially. You wanted free music back then? Fine but just know it comes with a million virus. God knows how many times my dad had to replace our computers because of it. You want to get on porn? Well, you better have prepared a day ahead. I used to have to download the videos at night from Limewire and wait 8 hours for it to download. Half of the time the porn fucking sucked but are you going to wait another 8 hours to view another one? Nope. You watched it and you better have liked it!


But when it came to YouTube, Kimbo was a star. The only videos from the old YouTube I can remember are the Unforgettable vids, Tourettes guy, and of course Kimbo, knocking out bums on the street. Guy was a folklore roaming the streets of Miami and putting jabronis to sleep. Everyone and I mean everyone, had at least watch one of Kimbo’s street fights. He became so big on YouTube that the MMA had to take noticed and eventually signed him. A true “Rags to Riches’ story (even though he sucked in the MMA and ‘riches’ is a stretch to say the least).


RIP Kimbo.
Kimbo Slice Dead at 42

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