He’s the hero “AMERICA” deserves, and the one it needs right now…Soccer Broadcasting Saved!

As a life long soccer fan I have always admired the beautiful game. In the world’s eyes, soccer is elegant, creative, and passionate which unquestionably characterizes why the world has embraced and cherished “futbol” since the 19th century. Having said this, it dose not take a rocket scientist to see that Americans have struggled to embrace the worlds game. The fact that Americans would rather watch southerns fish and hunt, exemplify that Americans are bored out of there asses with soccer. But who am I kidding, with announcers like Fox’s Alexi “ginger” Lalas, or ESPN’s lovable Bob Lee, why would anyone listen to these boring and ignorant fucks. Soccer will not grab the attention of America’s non-foreign population until networks hire soccer broadcasters that resemble the boys from TNT’s Inside the NBA. This is were America’s savior comes in, and I’m talking about a legend from Univision (Spanish Network). For those who are unfamiliar with this broadcaster, I am talking about Fernando “El Presidente” Fiore. Coming from a Hispanic background I was fortunately awarded the chance to be introduced to this genius when my paps was watching Mexico’s National soccer team back in 2011. After I was introduced to Fernando Fiore, I knew the man was a fucking hero to soccer broadcasting. Did I know what the hell he was saying, NO, but the man was the most passionate broadcaster I had ever heard, and to put it lightly, you could tell he was damn good at his job. Spanish speakers unquestionably have enjoyed listening to Fiore for years, and as an American who loves everything about America, I knew Fiore would possibly be embraced by Americans giving soccer a chance with this summers Copa América Centenario (North & South American tournament hosted by America) (Worlds Best Soccer Players on USA soil!). This 3 x Emmy Award winning broadcaster is kind of a crazy bastard, but in all the best of ways, think Barkley and Shaq combined. You may be asking yourself why the hell is this guy wasting my time with this BS? Well I wrote this article to tell Americans to take a chance on soccer this summer, because “El Presidente” will be a game changer for numerous Americans willing to enjoy a badass TV broadcaster. So lets get to the point, Fox hired Fiore this summer, meaning that Americans will be able to be submerged in Fiore’s passionate soccer world in ENGLISH for one of the first times ever. Although Americans may be uninterested in the game of soccer, they will have the chance to check out this  broadcasting legend in ENGLISH and thoroughly enjoy themselves. In doing so, Americas will be lured into watching Copa América Centenario. The tournament is epic, must see TV, and with the assistance from Fiore, Americans may finally see why the world has made soccer THE WORLD’S GAME. To cut the BS and make this article short and to the point, give Soccer a chance this summer by checking in on my boy on FOX networks. Fox just did themselves a solid, and viewers will not be disappointed!

P.S. Fernando “El Presidente” Fiore rocks a God given caterpillar mustache…fucking gold!!



He’s the hero “AMERICA” deserves, and the one it needs right now…Soccer Broadcasting Saved!

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