Houston Teacher Knocked Up by a 13 Year Old Student

Alexandria Vera, a middle school teacher at Aldine ISD's Stovall Middle School, is on the run after she was impregnated by a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student.

 HOUSTON – The Aldine Independent School District Middle School teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student turned herself in to Montgomery County police Wednesday after a warrant was issued for her arrest. 

Prosecutors said Alexandria Vera had a sexual relationship with one of her students and also got pregnant by the eighth-grader.

Vera, an English teacher, admitted to conducting a sexual relationship with the student since last September, authorities said. A report said the student was in her eighth-grade English class. The DA’s office said the officer received school records showing the student to be younger than 14 when Vera began the sexual relationship.

Vera said the student’s parents not only knew about the relationship, they approved of it and allowed the teen to spend the night at Vera’s home in Spring, where they engaged in sex on a regular basis, according to court documents. She told an investigator that she would drop him off at home in the morning so he could catch the bus to Stovall Middle School, prosecutors said

Vera told investigators that the relationship with the student grew, and they continued to have sex and spend time together. According to court reports, Vera said she got pregnant with the student’s baby in January. She told the officer that the student’s family was told about the pregnancy and that they were supportive and excited about the baby, prosecutors said.

Court documents said Vera had an abortion because she got nervous when Child Protective Services showed up at school in February to question her and the student about their relationship. The DA’s office said Vera denied the relationship then.


By now, everyone and their grandmother has heard of this story. Cliff notes: Some soft 5 looking teacher has sex with a 13 year old, gets pregnant, gets a abortion, and now is in jail. Yawwwwnnnnnnnnn. My brain is so desensitize to these type of stories that when I first heard about it, I didn’t even blink. Yeah he is 13, which is kinda fucked up, but its 2016. This can’t surprise anyone. These teacher sex scandals happen all the fucking time. For a scandal to get my attention, its going to have to be some type of weird, hardcore, BDSM teacher/student orgy. So much to the point I didn’t even think it was blog worthy. Everyone has the same take. “Oh I wish she was my teacher when I was in school” or “how is this illegal, kid is a legend.” So, I passed on the story.

Then right when I thought I was out, THEY BRING ME BACK IN.

Turns out that the intern at my work (who happens to had classes with me in college) told me that the teacher had actually gone to the same school as us and had lived in the same apartment complex as me.

THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. Now that I realized me and the teacher were really good friends, (I have never seen or met her) the takes started flowing through my fingers.

First thing that came to mind was how the hell did a 13 year old dick down this broad for MONTHS. I could see if it happened 1 or 2 times, but for it to go on 6 months is insane. My performance at 23 years old by far is nothing to brag about. Now at the age of 13, I couldn’t even imagine how fast I would bust. My sex tape, from start to finish, would be so quick you could film it all on a Vine. So honestly, you have to respect this kid on performing well enough to keep her around.

Now for a middle school kid to pull this off, one would think he is a freakish man-child. Something like how Clowney looked like when he played in high school. Odds on this kid being some black, 6 foot athlete had to be 2:1. However, pictures of the middle schooler came out.

Warning: I hope you are sitting down before you see the picture. UPSET OF THE CENTURY


JARED FUCKING WHITE? Are you kidding me? This fat nerd with the bowl cut is the Casanova who got the teacher pregnant? Guy must of had a hog because I don’t know how else he could of pulled it off. Blows my mind.

Anyways, congrats on the sex Jared, I guess? Probably will be telling this story until he is 80 years old. Guy will be the king going in as a freshman next year. As for the teacher, well she will be fired, serve some time in prison, and will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life. Crazy world.


Houston Teacher Knocked Up by a 13 Year Old Student

2 thoughts on “Houston Teacher Knocked Up by a 13 Year Old Student

  1. Anon says:

    I have to say how frustrating this kind of thing makes me. He wasn’t a legend she was a child molester. He didn’t do anything awesome to get her, she took advantage of him because she likes little boys. Disgusting.


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