Vegas Releases College Football O/U Odds

We are 3 months away from the start of the college football season and Vegas released its odds for all 128 teams. Now I’m not going to post all the odds but below are some teams people will be interested in (sorry about Nebraska).

  • Alabama 10 Over +100 Under -120
  • Baylor 9.5 Over +100 Under -120
  • Clemson 10.5 Over -110 Under -110
  • Florida State 9.5 Over +100 Under -120
  • Houston 9.5 Over -135 Under +115
  • LSU 10 Over +100 Under -120
  • Nebraska 8.5 Over -110 Under -110
  • Notre Dame 9.5 Over +110 Under-130
  • Ohio State 9.5 Over +105 Under -125
  • Oklahoma 10 Over -110 Under -110
  • TCU 8 Over -125 Under -105
  • Texas 6.5 Over -110 Under -110
  • Texas A&M 6 Over -120 Under +100


First off, take Baylor under NOW. The line will definitely drop after the whole Art Briles thing and no way does Baylor win 10 games.

Bama at 10 looks intriguing as well. Each year I tell myself that they will fall off. No way they can continue being dominate each year and each year im proven wrong. Still, I would take the under (and will be wrong again).

Damn, A&M at 6 wins. If Sumlin doesn’t at least get 9 wins, I don’t see him keeping his job. They play Prairie View, UTSA, and New Mexico and still Vegas doesn’t think they can win 3 games in the SEC. Ohh how the mighty have fallen.

Anyways, here is a link of the all the teams odds. DEGENERATES, MOUNT UP.

Vegas Releases College Football O/U Odds

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