Mike D’Antoni Introduction Press Conference Summary

Via Calvin Watkins at ESPN- “Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander started Wednesday’s news conference by telling the critics of his hire of Mike D’Antoni as his new coach that it was a dual decision with GM Daryl Morey.”Daryl and I made this choice together,” Alexander said. “I’ve always wanted to play this way.””This” way is up-tempo, something D’Antoni, 65, is known for, and the Rockets have bought into the new way of doing things in the league.”

Today was the official press conference after hiring Mike D’Antoni and like most assumed, the hiring has Leslie Alexander written all over it. From Alexander starting the press conference defending himself referencing the naysayers, to the story about Alexander wishing he had a coach like D’Antoni after being defeated by the Knicks in a regular season outing in 2012. Then Daryl Morey on sports talk 790 tells Sean and Adam that every owner makes decisions like this in an NBA franchise and if they say they don’t they are lying. 

D’Antoni did set precedence for many of the offenses that are run in the NBA today. However, this will not be an immediate turn around. We can play up tempo like Golden State and the Spurs all we want, but until we have the roster to do so we will not be able to compete with them.

Contrary to other Rockets fans, I am now pro Mikey D. Shaving the mustache right off the bat takes some big testicles. It shows me just what I was looking fot in that he is starting clean. One rule I live by in sports is once a player/coach is on my team, I won’t hate them until they fuck up. All I care about is the Rockets. I didn’t want Billy O and that is looking to pan out pretty well. I didn’t want Brock pre free agency, but now that he is on the Texans he is going to win another Super Bowl and I am ready to end lives on his behalf.

Mike D’Antoni Introduction Press Conference Summary

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