Anonymous Assistant Coach- “Is J.J. a male model or a football player?”

via Mike Freeman at Bleacher Report- “When Watt posted that picture, I texted one assistant coach for his thoughts.”Is J.J. a male model or a football player?” the coach texted back. “What does he want to do? Be in movies or be the best football player possible?”

That same assistant coach, while critical of Watt in terms of what he does off the field, feels strongly that Watt and an improved offense could drastically transform the Texans almost overnight.”They could legitimately shock the world,” the coach said. “Huge fan of [Brock] Osweiler, and that defense will be improved.”You’re saying this is a legitimate Super Bowl team?”It is, yes,” the coach said. I see the Texans as greatly improved and making the postseason. But Super Bowl team? I’d love to have what he’s smoking.”


I wanted to blog on this IG photo when JJ first posted it, but I figured commenting on a guys physique might come off a little gay. Most people know my feelings on JJ Watt already and if you don’t know, now you know. However, this report is complete bullshit. Must be a slow news day for the boys over at Bleacher Report, who by the way lost all credibility when they started tweeting like a middle schooler. Is JJ Watt annoying? HELL yes. But how can you seriously question his motives when it comes to football? The guy spends every waking minute reminding us how often he works out and how is aspiring to be the best player he can be. I have also never seen any speculation that he wants to be in movies, although considering his love for the spotlight I’m sure it is something he will look into once football comes to an end. A JJ Watt/Dwayne Johnson action movie will happen at some point in my lifetime, BOOK IT.

As for the second statement, anonymous source or not you wouldn’t belittle him by saying “I’d love to have what he’s smoking.” Fuck you and your lying ass Freeman. Your imaginary source got one thing right, we are going to shock the world. The division title is a lock. The Colts era has come to an end, the Jags are only good on paper, and the Titans are located in Tennessee. With the new look offense and a defense that dominated the second half of the NFL season last year, we are going to make some serious noise come playoff time.

Anonymous Assistant Coach- “Is J.J. a male model or a football player?”

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