Spelling Bee Kid Murders Another Kid


Wanna see a dead body?



Poor Jairam Hathwar. Never saw it coming. Going from the top moment in this young Indian boys life, to being put in a coffin in seconds. Lets break down this murder.

  1. First with the aggressive hand claps. Relax buddy, y’all tied. Can’t be cheering for your competitor like that. Day 1 stuff.
  2. Then with the weirdest licking of lips I have ever seen. Watch closely. He straight turns into a lizard for a split second after getting turned down for the first time. Very weird.
  3. Finally, the last blow. Going with the high five from 10 feet away, just for Nihar Janga to look you in the eyes, turn around, throw the X to the crowd, and leave you hanging for the nation to see was hard to watch. Then grabbing his arm and attempting another high five only to get shunned away. Damn, never witnessed someone get let down so badly.

Jairam is going to watch this 20 years from now and realize he wasn’t co-champion, he was the biggest loser of the night. Thoughts and prayers to the Hathwar family. Sorry for your loss.


P.S-  Is the one looking for the high five a kid? I thought he was a tiny ugly father at first.

P.S.S- Get these kids some decent clothes. This is one night on fucking ESPN and your dressed head-to-toe in Walmart gear. Clean it up.

Spelling Bee Kid Murders Another Kid

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