Rockets In The Process Of Finalizing Deal With D’Antoni

Via ESPN.Com- “The Houston Rockets are finalizing a deal to make Mike D’Antoni their new head coach, a source said Thursday. The offensive-minded D’Antoni has been a head coach with Denver, Phoenix, New York and the Los Angeles Lakers. He would replace the fired Kevin McHale and interim successor J.B. Bickerstaff. The Rockets had interviewed 12 candidates for the position and are the last NBA team without a coach after the Memphis Grizzlies reportedly reached a deal with Miami Heat assistant David Fizdale.”

Why god? What did Houston do to deserve this?  Dwight is going to leave regardless, we don’t need to hire Mike fucking D’Antoni to force his hand. Any imbecile that watched one Rockets game this year would know that our problem did not lie on the offensive end. We are no where near athletic enough to run the up tempo offense he will push us to run either. We have no hoopers. We have Corey Brewer, an aged Trevor Ariza, and a homeless man running the point. And what does it say about a “head coach” if you feel the need to hire elite defensive minded defensive coaches with him. If he didn’t dickride Nash for 4 years, the guy would be irrelevant. Oh, and D’Antoni was in PHILLY last year. What the hell improvement did Philly make to earn him a head coaching job again? With Morey and D’Antoni running the show I wouldn’t be surprised if Harden even made it up the court on defense. Snowbird offense. ANALYTICS.

Rockets In The Process Of Finalizing Deal With D’Antoni

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