Phil Mickelson Busted For Insider Trading

Via ESPN- “The Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday alleged golfer Phil Mickelson made $931,000 after purchasing stock on an insider trading tip from sports gambler Billy Walters and then used some of the money to pay back Walters, to whom he allegedly owed money. The SEC is seeking to recoup alleged Ill-gotten gains from Mickelson, who was not criminally charged. Mickelson’s attorney said Thursday in a statement that the golfer has entered into an agreement with the SEC and will return all money from the trade in question. Mickelson is also tied to a federal money laundering case, sources told ESPN last year, in which a California man is accused of transferring almost $3 million as part of an illegal gambling operation. The nearly $3 million is alleged to be Mickelson’s money.”

I always liked Phil, but to learn he is a degenerate just like you and I makes the lefty so much cooler. Almost a million in gambling debts? Guy is playing with some serious coin. I lose 100 bucks and I eat mustard sandwiches for a week. Phil loses a mil and he finds a way to break even, that is until the federal government steps in and lays down the long dick of the law (sort of). Total slap on the wrist from the feds. $931,000 and they politely ask Phil to return the cash. White collar crime in a nutshell. Reminds me of the Tron Carter Chappelle’s show skit where he reverses roles with the white guy.–law—order—-uncensored


Phil Mickelson Busted For Insider Trading

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