In Not So Shocking News: NBA is Rigged

Deadspin- The NBA draft lottery is at 8 p.m. EDT tonight in New York City. At 4:36 p.m., Dikembe Mutombo tweeted his congratulations to his former team, the Philadelphia 76ers, for winning the lottery and “grabbing the #1 spot.” Mutombo apologized and clarified that he had tweeted too soon and was just getting amped for the lottery, as I assume all Sixers fans are right now.


Classic Mutombo. You give him a secret on the pick and 3.5 hours before the draft and what do you know it, he spills the beans. However, in news everyone knows by now, the NBA is rigged. The 85 Draft when Stern pulled the “frozen” envelope so the Knicks could get Patrick Ewing. Cleveland landing the 1st pick in 2011, 2013, and 2014 so they could bring back Lebron. Orlando getting the first pick 2 years in a row in the early 90’s. The list goes on and on.

Yet, the league did its cover up a little more discrete this time. If the NBA was to rig the lottery to help a team, it would be the Lakers. Most iconic team in history, that sucks and needs help. But instead of giving them the number one, they gave them 2 to try and be more sneaky about it.

MARK MY WORDS: Philly will get Ingram and LA will get Simmons, just how Adam Silver planned it out. Clean it up NBA. If you are going to rig it, don’t let a fat kid from Houston predict what’s going to happen.

Mutombo doing Mutombo things.


In Not So Shocking News: NBA is Rigged

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