Raiders Eyeing Las Vegas?


PFT– The mayor of Las Vegas believes the Raiders are ready to make a move. Mayor Carolyn Goodman told ESPN that Raiders owner Mark Davis isn’t just using Vegas as leverage to get a better stadium deal in Oakland. According to Goodman, a move to Vegas is close to happening.

“Mark Davis has assured us that Las Vegas is not getting played in a Raiders stadium deal,” Goodman said. “I know we will have a team.”

The proposal for a domed NFL stadium in Las Vegas includes the Raiders paying $500 million, the Sands Corporation paying $150 million and taxpayers paying $750 million. To pass the tax increase, the Nevada legislature would have to act.

“The Raiders will come if Nevada handles this properly,” Goodman said.


I hate this idea. HATE IT. I know the discussion for having a professional team in Vegas is a old topic but fuck having a team in Sin City. There is waayyy to much to do in Vegas. Spending 3 hours at a NFL game is probably number 17 on my list to do when I visit Vegas. Does the NFL really expect fans to wake up before noon, hungover and go to a game. Nope. Plus, all the fans going there will be the loser tourist fans that wear their hometown jerseys to the game even though the teams not playing. Its going to look like a London game every fucking Sunday. I’m not even including the fact that most of the people that call Vegas home work for the casinos. That means they work at all weird hours of the day. Can’t have a stadium half packed of tourist and be successful.

I’m going to skip the whole “Scandals Waiting to Happen” argument because I don’t think it matters what city you are in. If you wanted to shave points or gamble your life savings away, you will do it no matter if you are in Vegas or Cleveland.

However, the biggest reason I think its a horrible idea is the fact you have 20-something year olds, who typically aren’t the most educated people in the world, and oh yea, they are famous and millionaires. I honestly don’t think I could stay more then 3 days in Vegas at a time. I’d be broke with a deteriorating liver in not even 72 hours. Now give me millions of dollars and every broad at the club that wants to fuck me and I’m dead in 4 months. I wouldn’t even be able to last a season.

Bottom line- Keep the Raiders in Oakland with their psycho fans and lets never bring up the Vegas idea again.


Raiders Eyeing Las Vegas?

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