Dwight Howard Intervention On TNT

Maybe there is a little Houston bias here, but I have never had a problem with Dwight. Yes he showed some immaturity in Orlando. And yes, if I was a Laker fan I would be forced to hate him, but in hindsight can any sane person really blame him for getting the fuck out of LA while he still could? I know we just concluded the farewell Kobe tour, but I didn’t see one marquee free agent choose to play with the prick late in his career. And Steve Nash was basically a cripple by that point.

Last night Dwight went through an intervention on TNT. People seemed shocked by his answers, but anyone who has remotely followed Dwight throughout his Rocket tenure should not be surprised by any of his statements. He has always said the right things since he arrived in Houston and for the most part he has always played hard. Sometimes it is difficult to appear involved when you rarely touch the ball. Don’t get it twisted though, I’m definitely not advocating for Dwight to get a ton of touches in the post. The truth is, the guys back to the basket game is shit unless he is a foot away from the goal. Despite his superior athleticism, he is one of the most stiff players I have ever watched and the back injuries late in his career have not helped. You have to find other ways to keep him involved via pick and rolls, hi-lo plays etc. He is also a constant victim by referees and players get under his skin easily thus leading him to commit dumb fouls out of frustration. It’s a two-way street with Dwight. He chose the wrong organization to fuck over, he has not always handled adversity well, and most importantly he has not developed into the player many thought he would be. However, I have never doubted his effort in games, his work ethic off the court, or his commitment to the team.

As stated by Chuck and Kenny, Dwight WILL opt out of Houston. It’s clear him and James aren’t the best combo on or off the court and he is way too good of a player to play on a one year deal, especially considering his injury issues in the past and the stupid money flying around the league. This is a chance for him and his 6 baby mamas to really be set for life. “Too much money ain’t enough money.” As a Rocket fan, I will always appreciate Dwight for his time in the H. You tried big fella now it is time for both parties to move on.

P.S. Shaq and Dwight now have the same agent and Charles finally seems to be over his Rockets beef. Shame Dwight is going to leave right when the NBA on TNT crew eases up on the squad.

Dwight Howard Intervention On TNT

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