UH to Join Big 12?

ESPN- Documents reveal that Gordon Gee (West Virginia president who is one of three Big 12 presidents on the composition committee) has been busy in that role in recent months, which has included a trip to the University of Houston in late November.

Documents show that Gee flew to Houston on Nov. 29 to tour the school’s athletic facilities and speak with top officials. According to an itinerary outlining the visit, Gee met with Houston president Renu Khator for more than an hour the morning of Nov. 30, then was taken on a tour of the athletic facilities by athletic director Hunter Yurachek and football coach Tom Herman. Khator followed up by forwarding Gee a spreadsheet of the Houston football team’s TV ratings in the Houston market during the 2015 season.

Chron-Tilman Fertitta, the chairman of UH’s board of regents, said the school’s pursuit of inclusion in a power conference “is not a dead issue” and called it “an embarrassment” that the namesake of the fourth-largest city in the United States has not been invited into the Big 12.

“I think there’s a better than 50 percent chance in the next 24 to 36 months that the University of Houston is in a major conference,” Fertitta said at the time. “We belong playing Texas and TCU and Baylor. That’s who we belong playing.”


Well, well, well, finally the 3rd Ward Cougars are getting a little love and the Big 12 is flirting with the idea of having them join the conference. The school needs it BAD. They spent $120 million to build TDECU Stadium and a $60 million renovation of Hofheinz Pavilion set to begin next spring. But if you are playing fucking UCONN and UAB every year, does it even matter. Would you rather drive 2-3 hours to Austin or College Station with a “real” college football atmosphere or drive 20 minutes to watch UH play Tulane and hope your car doesn’t get broken into in the parking lot? Easy, I’m taking a Big 12/SEC game everyday of the week and twice on Sunday.

But, if UH does get the opportunity to join the Big 12, it will give them not only a better recruitment tool for the athletic department and school overall, the move might actually help clean up this shitty part of Houston.

I’ve been working on the UH campus now for a year and I can tell you first hand the surrounding area is a complete dump. I shit you not, I’ve witnessed a homeless couple making love on the side of a gas station at 6 in the morning. Was I disgusted, shocked, and perhaps a little turned on? Maybe. But the fact that the gas station is literally 20 feet from TDECU parking lot I don’t think the Big 12 committee is looking for. The things I see around the campus on a daily basis amaze me each and every day. So, maybe with the money coming in from the Big 12 TV deal and the revenue they will make with bringing better competition will give UH enough cash to start buying the the run down places around the school.


UH to Join Big 12?

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