via The Big Lead- “ESPN’s NFL coverage will look dramatically different next year. Our site already reported that Mike Ditka is out from his Countdown gig (though will remain with the network in an emeritus role), and that Matt Hasselbeck and Charles Woodson are on their way in. Trent Dilfer has also been widely reported to be leaving Bristol. In addition to this, The Big Lead has learned that Cris Carter and Ray Lewis are also expected to be on their way out, and that Randy Moss is expected to be on his way in. Moss spent last season at Fox Sports, appearing on the pre pre show that pitted him in debates with Colin Cowherd.”

Trent Dilfer–> Matt Hasselbeck= Upgrade

Ray Lewis–> Charles Woodson= UPGRADE

Cris Carter –> Randy Moss= MAJOR UPGRADE

Losing Ditka is big. He doesn’t really do anything, but the fact that he sits there not doing anything is pretty funny. As for the others, good riddance. Not having to listen to a murderer/ part-time motivational speaker blabber nonsensical bullshit will be much easier on the ears. It’s fucking Monday, no one wants to hear motivational quotes from a guy who stabbed someone to death, Ray. Matt Hasselbeck will be the next bald QB on set replacing Trent Dilfer and he better be ready to bring the heat. Dilfer is known to provide some solid insight.

And this brings me to Cris Carter being replaced for the second time in his professional career by Randy Moss. This is less about Carter and more about Moss. Absolutely ELECTRIC human being.


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