Spelling Bee Kid Murders Another Kid


Wanna see a dead body?



Poor Jairam Hathwar. Never saw it coming. Going from the top moment in this young Indian boys life, to being put in a coffin in seconds. Lets break down this murder.

  1. First with the aggressive hand claps. Relax buddy, y’all tied. Can’t be cheering for your competitor like that. Day 1 stuff.
  2. Then with the weirdest licking of lips I have ever seen. Watch closely. He straight turns into a lizard for a split second after getting turned down for the first time. Very weird.
  3. Finally, the last blow. Going with the high five from 10 feet away, just for Nihar Janga to look you in the eyes, turn around, throw the X to the crowd, and leave you hanging for the nation to see was hard to watch. Then grabbing his arm and attempting another high five only to get shunned away. Damn, never witnessed someone get let down so badly.

Jairam is going to watch this 20 years from now and realize he wasn’t co-champion, he was the biggest loser of the night. Thoughts and prayers to the Hathwar family. Sorry for your loss.


P.S-  Is the one looking for the high five a kid? I thought he was a tiny ugly father at first.

P.S.S- Get these kids some decent clothes. This is one night on fucking ESPN and your dressed head-to-toe in Walmart gear. Clean it up.

Spelling Bee Kid Murders Another Kid

Harden Left Off Every All-NBA Team


Pos. | Player (Team) | 1st team votes | 2nd team votes | 3rd team votes | Total

F | LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers) | 125 | 4 | — | 637

F | Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio Spurs) | 94 | 35 | — | 575

C | DeAndre Jordan (Los Angeles Clippers) | 39 | 36 | 14 | 317

G | Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) | 129 | — | — | 645

G | Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder) | 120 | 9 | — | 627


Pos. | Player (Team) | 1st team votes | 2nd team votes | 3rd team votes | Total

F | Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder) | 36 | 90 | 2 | 452

F | Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors) | 40 | 74 | 9 | 431

C | DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings) | 32 | 28 | 33 | 277

G | Chris Paul (Los Angeles Clippers) | 8 | 101 | 10 | 353

G | Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers) | — | 48 | 73 | 217


Pos. | Player (Team) | 1st team votes | 2nd team votes | 3rd team votes | Total

F | Paul George (Indiana Pacers) | — | 28 | 73 | 157

F | LaMarcus Aldridge (San Antonio Spurs) | 3 | 11 | 55 | 103

C | Andre Drummond (Detroit Pistons) | 13 | 26 | 30 | 173

G | Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors) | — | 37 | 53 | 164

G | Kyle Lowry (Toronto Raptors) | — | 35 | 50 | 155

Other players receiving votes, with point totals (First Team votes in parentheses): James Harden, Houston, 106; Paul Millsap, Atlanta, 84;Anthony Davis, New Orleans, 76 (1); Al Horford, Atlanta, 76 (2); Karl-Anthony Towns, Minnesota, 44; DeMar DeRozan, Toronto, 26; Hassan Whiteside, Miami, 24 (1); Isaiah Thomas, Boston, 20; Pau Gasol, Chicago, 16 (2); Jimmy Butler, Chicago, 12; Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas, 8; John Wall, Washington, 7; Kemba Walker, Charlotte, 6; Tim Duncan, San Antonio, 3; Gordon Hayward, Utah, 3; Dwight Howard, Houston, 3; Carmelo Anthony, New York, 2; Marc Gasol, Memphis, 2;Andrew Bogut, Golden State, 1; Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers, 1; Brook Lopez, Brooklyn, 1; Tony Parker, San Antonio, 1.

Good news and bad news for James today. Good news, Rockets hired Mike D’Antoni which means he is safe from playing defense for at least another couple years. Bad news, he didn’t make the any of the All-NBA teams after finishing 1st team and MVP runner up last year. Good news for us as fans is hopefully this will drive him to work harder on the defensive end. It is no longer just twitter clowning on a guy for showing lackadaisical effort. Respected NBA media members have taken notice. And he has a right to feel disrespected. 29, 8 and 6 is no joke. He has to come out next year ready to shut people the fuck up or we never will win with him. A great competitor takes things like this personal #WWJJWD (what would JJ Watt Do?) Only guy  has a reason to be more upset about this list and that Mr. Unibrow Anthony Davis himself who misses out on a cool $24 mil for not making any of the NBA teams.

Harden Left Off Every All-NBA Team

Rockets In The Process Of Finalizing Deal With D’Antoni

Via ESPN.Com- “The Houston Rockets are finalizing a deal to make Mike D’Antoni their new head coach, a source said Thursday. The offensive-minded D’Antoni has been a head coach with Denver, Phoenix, New York and the Los Angeles Lakers. He would replace the fired Kevin McHale and interim successor J.B. Bickerstaff. The Rockets had interviewed 12 candidates for the position and are the last NBA team without a coach after the Memphis Grizzlies reportedly reached a deal with Miami Heat assistant David Fizdale.”

Why god? What did Houston do to deserve this?  Dwight is going to leave regardless, we don’t need to hire Mike fucking D’Antoni to force his hand. Any imbecile that watched one Rockets game this year would know that our problem did not lie on the offensive end. We are no where near athletic enough to run the up tempo offense he will push us to run either. We have no hoopers. We have Corey Brewer, an aged Trevor Ariza, and a homeless man running the point. And what does it say about a “head coach” if you feel the need to hire elite defensive minded defensive coaches with him. If he didn’t dickride Nash for 4 years, the guy would be irrelevant. Oh, and D’Antoni was in PHILLY last year. What the hell improvement did Philly make to earn him a head coaching job again? With Morey and D’Antoni running the show I wouldn’t be surprised if Harden even made it up the court on defense. Snowbird offense. ANALYTICS.

Rockets In The Process Of Finalizing Deal With D’Antoni

The Tenessee Titans Hosted A Movie Night For The Fans But Forgot To Turn The Sprinklers Off

This is what a losing franchise looks like ladies and gentleman. Total incompetence from the top down. The crowd doesn’t seem to be shocked at all by this either. This is the type of shit that happens to you when your a Titans fan. Fans arrive to Nissan Stadium expecting the worst. It’s Murphy’s law. Every time you think they are turning the corner as a franchise, they pull a complete 180 and fuck it up again. Laremy Tunsil falls in their lap, they draft Jack Conklin. Execute a trade for an unhappy DeMarco Murray who hated splitting carries, draft Derrick Henry to split carries. Also, isn’t it a little odd that only one person in this entire video is wearing Titans attire? Disgraceful, fucking disgraceful. 


The Tenessee Titans Hosted A Movie Night For The Fans But Forgot To Turn The Sprinklers Off

Manziel LOVES Cocaine

Jesus Johnny, maybe keep the booger sugar for Friday nights and not everyday. Guy looks like hes been pounding the nose beers heavy. But seriously though, Johnny must weigh 150 pounds by now. I can’t lie, I’ve always been a JFF fan. Even with all his shit going on the past couple months, I still thought to myself “he will be back in the NFL.” Welp, this picture clearly symbolizes that the Manziel days are over.

RIP Johnny, it was fun while it lasted.


Manziel LOVES Cocaine

Eric Aybar Has A Chicken Bone Stuck In His Throat

What the hell. How fast do you have to eat to swallow a fucking whole chicken bone? Pro tip for my dude Aybar. Boneless wings. You get more bang for your buck and the hands stay clean. Some may look at it as the coward way out, but at least there is a 0 % chance you almost murder yourself on a buffalo wing.

P.S. This story reminds me of an all time classic Fab line.

I came back with some sicka stones
That got these broke niggaz lookin’ at me like they chokin’ on a chicken bone
Every chick I bone
Can’t leave the dick alone
So I know
It’s one of them every time I flip my phone

Eric Aybar Has A Chicken Bone Stuck In His Throat

Phil Mickelson Busted For Insider Trading

Via ESPN- “The Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday alleged golfer Phil Mickelson made $931,000 after purchasing stock on an insider trading tip from sports gambler Billy Walters and then used some of the money to pay back Walters, to whom he allegedly owed money. The SEC is seeking to recoup alleged Ill-gotten gains from Mickelson, who was not criminally charged. Mickelson’s attorney said Thursday in a statement that the golfer has entered into an agreement with the SEC and will return all money from the trade in question. Mickelson is also tied to a federal money laundering case, sources told ESPN last year, in which a California man is accused of transferring almost $3 million as part of an illegal gambling operation. The nearly $3 million is alleged to be Mickelson’s money.”

I always liked Phil, but to learn he is a degenerate just like you and I makes the lefty so much cooler. Almost a million in gambling debts? Guy is playing with some serious coin. I lose 100 bucks and I eat mustard sandwiches for a week. Phil loses a mil and he finds a way to break even, that is until the federal government steps in and lays down the long dick of the law (sort of). Total slap on the wrist from the feds. $931,000 and they politely ask Phil to return the cash. White collar crime in a nutshell. Reminds me of the Tron Carter Chappelle’s show skit where he reverses roles with the white guy.



Phil Mickelson Busted For Insider Trading