Is Chris Berman Senile?

Last night, after Eli Apple was drafted at number 10, Chris Berman threw out a little fun fact that actually blew my mind. He said, “3 players from the same school have been drafted in the Top 10, that has never happened before.”

I remember that exact moment he said that and thought to myself, “hmm that doesn’t sound right. Back in the day there were only like 5 good teams and it had to have happened before,” but I was already knee deep in Miller Lites and honestly could give a shit.

However, I have a vendetta against that fat slob. I absolutely despise Berman. DESPISE him. Guy just rambles off words and when he calls a game or event, he ruins it. For example the home run derby. There are going to be a hundred home runs hit that night. I don’t need to hear “back, back, back, back, back, GONE!” every 5 seconds. So when the other two Buckeyes got drafted and Berman’s fat face keep mumbling on, I decided to do a little fact check on his statement about 3 players from the same school in the Top 10.

NEWSFLASH: Berman is mentally retarded.

  • 2010 Oklahoma- Picks 1,3,4
  • 2005 Auburn- Picks 2,5,9
  • 1995 Penn State- Picks 1,5,9
  • 1987 Miami- Picks 1,3,9.
  • 1977 USC- Picks 1,4,5.
  • 1967 Michigan State- Picks 1,2,5,8
  • At this point I gave up because I knew Notre Dame and Army had to be on the list and I had already proved my point that Berman was wrong.

Turns out it has happened a total of 12 times. Twelve….

Boomer, you need to hang up the tie and retire. I could see if your numbers were off by 1 or 2. But 12? Nope. Boomer is dead to me.

Is Chris Berman Senile?

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