Skip Bayless Out at ESPN

Skip Bayless- THE KING of hot takes- has decided to take his talents to FS1. What I didn’t know is that you get paid 5-6 million dollars to say the most blasphemous shit, which has brought me to the realization that I have been doing the blog game all wrong. In honor of Skips big move, Twitter has dug up some absolute gold with some former scorching hot Bayless takes.

Really like the MVP, LOVE this NFL free agent.

TRich AND Weeden! Makes me feel great he is the Texans back up.

Everyone remembers his man boner for Tebow.

Jim Irsay is high on painkillers and vodka like 90% of the time and even he couldn’t fuck that one up.

Coach of the Year was announced today…

P.S. too many LeBron takes for this blog.

Skip Bayless Out at ESPN

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