JaMarcus Russell Willing To Play For Free

via ESPN.Com- “JaMarcus Russell, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2007 NFL draft who hasn’t played since 2009, said he will “play for free” if a team gives him another chance. “I know that my name does not carry much weight in the NFL right now, but I am more than the image that others have bestowed on me,” Russell wrote. “I’ve been labeled as a bust, I have been labeled as lazy and I have been the targets of many insults by the media. The blame for any negative press that I’ve received rested squarely on my shoulders. … My tribulations have humbled me. I am a better man because of my struggles, and I simply desire an opportunity [to] redeem myself. I do not want my legacy to be a trail of unfulfilled dreams and missed opportunities.”‘

My man JaMarcus Russell. The former 1st overall pick has been on a 6 year hiatus since cashing out 40 mil and it appears the road to redemption starts now. From a rookie holdout for more cash to begging to play for free. Not sure working as a waterboy is the way to become an NFL Quarterback again, but maybe JaMarcus has a plan. A plan he constructed while drinking lean watching old Adam Sandler movies. I’m honestly just amazed he has enough money left to work for free. Someone paid attention at Rookie Money Symposium.


JaMarcus Russell Willing To Play For Free

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