Brady Suspension Reinstated

Via (CNN)- “A federal appeals court on Monday ruled in favor of the NFL in the “Deflategate” case, reinstating New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s originalfour-game suspension imposed by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.”

I don’t give a shit about Tom Brady and quite frankly I’m ready for this story to die. Did Tom Brady have a part in deflating the balls? I don’t know and I never will. One thing that aggravates me is how they use him destroying his phone as evidence against him. Imagine all the side pussy that gets leaked from a Tom Brady IPhone. He saw what happened to Tiger and he’s not going down like that. We all know the Patriots have bent the rules to gain an advantage against their opponents in the past, who cares. I will take every scandal for just one sniff at a Super Bowl. These Bostonian assholes have won 4. What I do care about in all of this is that the Texans matchup vs. the Pats week 3 just got a whole lot easier. There is serious potential for us now to start the season 4-0. Shout out to Roger Goodell one time for his grudge against the Pats.

Brady Suspension Reinstated

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