The Smell of Sweet Victory

Tomorrow afternoon your Houston Rockets face off against the Golden State Warriors in Game 4 of the first round of the Western Confrence Playoffs. The Warriors lead the series 2-1 but don’t count the Rockets out yet. Because game 3, we Houstionans got our first sent of sweet, sweet, victory. 

So I’m going to recap game 3 for everyone. First thing i want to start out with was how electric the introduction to the game was. 

 That video right there is the most electrifying thing I’ve ever seen in my life. So electrifying that the guy next to me kept slapping his chest, over and over to kick start his pacemaker. I assume it kicked back on because he eventually leaned over to me and said one word, “Electrifying”. So shout out to the old man in section 403, row 7, seat 18. 

The Rockets played their best basketball ever in the first quarter of game 3. The ball movement was on point, shots were falling, Dwight was getting the ball down low and dominating Bogut and here and there you will see Dwight & James slaping hands like they’re actually enjoying playing ball with each other. The Rockets held the lead all the way to the last minutes of the fourth. James had a beautiful game winning jumper, then you had Draymon Green bounce the ball off his foot which solidified the Rockets win, then Green proceed to turn in his resume to the WWE and slammed Mike Beasley onto the court. 

Game 4 tips off @ 2:30 central time so Htown, make sure you tune in and root on your Houston Rockets to another victory over the Golden State Warriors. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to watch the game due to that I’ll be in an RV with a dog driving so please everyone keep me in their prayers. 

Also don’t forget to donate to our venmo account @SportsFiasco. All donations are greatly appreciated. 

Stay leaning Houston,


The Smell of Sweet Victory

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