Legends Come and Legends Go

So today was a tragic day for celebrities who punched their one way ticket to the golden gates. The man, the legend, Purple Rain himself.. Prince has passed away at the age of 57… It feels like yesterday when Prince was on center stage in a Super Bowl half time show,  with two irrelevant teams battling against each other to call themselves World Champions.. I was devastated when I heard the news. The crazy thing is, is that he was just raging balls at his own house party a few days before (Link here). Just a lil side note on Prince’s house parties…. When Prince hosts a party, you have to go. You have to go! No matter what is on your schedule, you cancel. Reason being is that if you’re a dude and you walk into a Prince house party… You instantly get laid, right there on the spot. Even if you’re a female walking into the party, you get laid right there on the spot. I know females have all of the power of when they want to get laid and when they don’t.. But if your at Princes house party.. Prince has the power….

This brings me on to another legend who passed away recently…. Chyna the WWE Super Diva. Dead. At the age of 45. This is a sad time for all of the WWE super fans. Even when I say it out load that Chyna is dead.. My heart falls into a million of pieces. I’m pretty sure that when the first time my mother caught me “choking the chicken” it was to the one and only, Chyna, when I was 6 years old… (That’s a story for a later time). Maybe that’s why my heart is broken into a million pieces because she is a such a staple in my journey to man hood. Anyways.. 

Rest in peace Prince, Rest in peace Chyna.. Y’all say what’s up to all of my fam chillin up there. 

Stay leaning Houston 


Legends Come and Legends Go

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