The Grizz Chronicle

Sports Fiasco, God does it feel good to hop on this battleship. First of all I want to think Weber and Winters for giving me the opportunity to spread my seed all over the Internet for y’all to bask in. Giving y’all the inside on everything  sports related in Houston, current events locally/globally, and what ever the fuck I want to write about. Everything that is posted on Sports Fiasco is pure 12k gold. Pure gold… There is no one in the city of Houston that can compete with us and that’s why y’all all need donate to our venmo account @ SportsFiasco… Your donation would be greatly appreciated. So what are y’all expecting of me? I’m glad y’all asked… The Grizz only asks the hard questions.. The Grizz only writes the top notch blogs on the World Wide Web (along with Weber and Winters)…. The Grizz is all about the city of Houston and If some one talks shit about my city… I’ll be the first one to Stone Cold Stunna their ass. And when I say “Stone Cold Stunna”. I mean I will go grab two cold coors lights, smash them together, open both cans up while the sent of the cold Rocky Mountains goes through my nose and into my heart, chug those fuckers, THEN PROCEED TO STONE COLD STUNNA THEIR ASS!  No one talks shit about the greatest city on this earth.. No One ….  So that’s what’s your going to get from me in The Grizz Chronicle, again I think the leaders of Sports Fiasco for bringing me on. 

Stay leaning Houston,


The Grizz Chronicle

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