Man Arrested At McDonalds For Putting Soda In A Water Cup

via WLKY- “The manager for the McDonald’s at 520 S. Thompson St. called police Monday to report a robbery, according to the report. The manager told police 3 people went through the drive thru and asked for 3 large waters. Those 3 parked, went into the restaurant, dumped out the water and then filled the cups with soda, the manager told police. The manager asked the 3 people to return the soda. Two of them did, but one did not, the manager told police. Then, the manager stood behind the suspect’s car and tried to stop them from leaving, according to the report, but the car reversed and hit the manager. The manager tried to get the keys out of the ignition and was hit on the hand and then by the vehicle again, the manager told police. Police found the vehicle at a bowling alley and arrested the driver, who was Cody Morris, according to the report. The police report lists one charge against Morris – that of felony robbery. The Washington County Detention Center website shows Morris was booked into jail Tuesday, and had a Rule 8.1 hearing scheduled for Friday morning.”

Okay so maybe the tweet is a little misleading considering the guy also ran him over, but all-time dickhead manager for calling the cops over the old water cup switcharoo. Can you even call 911 for this? I’m pretty sure filling sprite in your water cup does not classify as an emergency in any other town but Springdale, Arkansas. Once dispatch received their first call in months not involving the local drunk, all hands were on deck to track down the soda bandit.

My first job was in fast food, and if you think I am going to get run over for minimum wage you have lost your damn mind.  Not that any of my readers would do this, but if you are going to fill soda in your water cup here are some tips from a former employee…

  1. Obviously wait til no one is looking, but if you HAVE to fill up in front of someone pick a high school kid. Avoid the GI Joe manager.
  2. I recommend Sprite. It is a clear drink and even if you do get busted it at least looks like you were attempting to hide it. Filling up Coke in a water cup is the ultimate slap in the face.
  3. If you do get caught and confronted, chug the evidence.

Fun fact, it cost a restaurant less than a penny to produce a soda.

Man Arrested At McDonalds For Putting Soda In A Water Cup

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