Flood Day In Houston

Ah, flood days. Nothing better than the two days a year this happens in Houston because it gives  all the lazy people out there, including myself, a valid excuse to not leave their bed for 24 hours while binge watching television. Literally nothing in weeks has brought me more joy than the e-mail I woke up to this morning saying the office was closed.

However, not all people enjoy flood days as much as myself. For some odd reason some jackasses actually want to leave their house and go to work. How shitty does your life have to be at home for you to rush to the office so you can sit inside a cubicle and stare at your computer for 8 hours.

Was it just me or was the reporter kind of an asshole to him? “Leave the car. Swim!” And people are classifying this guy as a hero for walking out into 3 feet of water when the dumb son of a bitch could have just stood up the whole time. Then he sticks the microphone in his face while asking him if he is okay. Well its 7 am, I am soaking wet, and my car is under water.


Even The Texans had to cancel their first day of the off season conditioning. All but one Texan that is, because if you think JJ Watt is going to miss a fucking workout then your out of your damn mind. And did you really even workout if you didn’t let it be known on social media? #DBWH

But we should stop making stories out of non-stories. It’s not like he put it on social media for all of us to see that he made it to the facility.

Flood Day In Houston

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