Farewell Kobe, Asshole

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I have no idea who K.Lee is, but I would bet my life on this story being true. It seems people have forgot that Kobe is easily the biggest dick in sports over this past season. Get injured a couple times, play on a losing team, and smile after every game and people seem to forget how much of an asshole you are, but not me. Noooo not me. Unlike the rest of you short term memory losers, I won’t forget him constantly shitting on teammates (It’s over now Smush), ratting out Shaq for getting some side action, nicknaming himself The Black Mamba, or that god awful shit on his arm that he calls a tattoo.

Also, wasn’t it just last month that Kobe was complaining about Penny Hardaway not being nice to him as a kid? At least he didn’t tell you to go fuck yourself. Since you want to act all nice now, my guy K. Lee not only deserves, but DEMANDS an apology (and for you to leave white women alone).





Farewell Kobe, Asshole

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