Fall Guy 101

BR-Former NFL receiver Mike Sims-Walker, who was Brandon Marshall’s roommate at Central Florida, offered to take the blame in a civil lawsuit regarding the New York Jets receiver allegedly punching a woman in 2012. “If I need to, I’ll take the blame; I’ll say I hit her,” Sims-Walker texted Marshall, per Dom Cosentino of NJ Advance Media. Sims-Walker’s role in the incident was revealed Wednesday as part of jury testimony in the case. Marshall did not ask Sims-Walker to take the blame, and text-message evidence shows he declined the offer altogether. The Pro Bowler is accused of punching a woman outside a New York City nightclub in March 2012. Christin Myles, 28, has asked a jury to award her $75,000 in damages for an incident she claims left her unable to see out of her left eye.

In my previous post on Jaelen Strong’s arrest, I question why the hell doesn’t every professional athlete have their own person fall guy. I mean shit, Cris Carter even gave a speech at the NFL Rookie Symposium saying:

“Y’all not gonna all do the right stuff. I gotta teach yall how to get around all this stuff too. If you gonna have a crew, one of them fools got to know he going to jail.”

Now I’m not saying I support punching women in the face but the fact MSW, without being asked, just offered to take the blame you got to kinda respect. “Hey, my career is dead. Why not do this favor for a multi-millionaire All-Pro NFL star and forever reap the benefits.” Can’t say I hate the logic Sims-Walker had in his brain. This was also in 2012, before Marshall signed a $39.3 million contract and before he was a weekly host on “Inside the NFL”. MSW had a vision for his future. Now he probably has nightmares every night wishing Marshall took his offer. Micheal Sims-Walker, you sir are a first ballot Fall Guy Hall of Famer.


3 other Fall Guy Hall of Famers:

Greg Anderson– Barry Bonds trainer who allegedly gave Bonds roids. When Bonds went to court for perjury in 2006 related to his steroid usage, Anderson was called in to testify. Instead, he refused to say anything and was sent to jail for contempt of court, all to protect Barry Bonds.

Ramel Mattox– Indiana Pacers players Jamaal Tinsley, Marquis Daniels, Jimmie Hunter and Stephen Jackson were involved in a shooting outside of a Indianapolis strip club in 2006. Then cops found a bag of weed in the car. Out from the clouds, the only non NBA player in the car,  Ramel Mattox, not only took the blame for the drugs, but also for starting the fight in the first place.

Mannon Lee Zellner, Jr.-When Dallas Cowboys defensive end Peppi Zellner was pulled over in 2012, cops noticed that a bag of something went flying out the window. That bag turned out to be full of heroin, and naturally they took both men in. Fall guy Mannon Lee Zellner, Jr., Peppi’s brother, convinced the cops that the drugs were his and got Peppi off the hook.


Fall Guys: Gone But Not Forgotten

Fall Guy 101

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