Jared Crick Moving On From The Texans

Via NFL.Com“The Denver Broncos beefed up their defensive line by swiping a former Houston Texans starter.The team announced Wednesday it agreed to terms on a two-year deal with Jared Crick. NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reports the deal is for $4 million.

Jeeze John, I know the guy was mediocre as hell but could you not find anything else to say about him besides the classic white guy description. I know a tweet can only include 140 characters so I will go ahead and finish your thoughts for you.

Jared Crick…

  • is a scrappy player
  • a high-motor guy
  • a real gym rat
  • comes from a coaching family
  • a cerebral player
  • a true student of the game
  • has sneaky athleticism
  • gets the most out of his ability’s
  • Basically, he just gets it

As a Texans fan, good riddance Jared. You probably tried your hardest, but given your athletic abilities you just weren’t good enough. Oh and Denver, if you want to take another less than average player off our hands feel free to trade for Brian Hoyer.

Jared Crick Moving On From The Texans

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