A House Divided

via Yahoo Sports- “Villanova’s Kris Jenkins hit the shot of his life Monday night when he nailed the NCAA championship-winning 3-pointer to beat North Carolina. Making the story even more of a fairy tale, he beat his adopted brother, Nate Britt, a guard for UNC, with the Britts and his mother, Felicia Jenkins, all in attendance….Nate and Kris grew up in Maryland playing for the same youth basketball teams. For a bevy of reasons — a marital separation, health problems, work — Felicia was unable to take care of Kris as well as she’d like. She asked the Britts if they would look after Kris while she took a job coaching a Division II basketball team. The Britts took in Kris and raised him through high school as he and Nate continued to play basketball together. Kris became a son to the Britts and they became parents to him, all while he maintained a close relationship with Felicia.”

Ouch. Imagine your adopted brother/childhood friend crushing your dreams via a buzzer beater then celebrating with YOUR parents. Meanwhile your’e stuck consoling Brice Johnson who was crying worse than Damon in Good Will Hunting. Britt did choose the high road following the game stating…

“I just told him congratulations. He hit a big-time shot. He said he loved me and we’ll be back next season. Obviously right now it hurts more than anything. Both of us wanted to win this game and he came out on top. I am happy for him and happy he hit the shot to win the game, but this hurts more than anything.”

Since he is held to a higher standard by the NCAA, I’m going to go ahead and tell you what he really wanted to say. “Go fuck yourself Kris.” I have never had a brother, but Bruno from the Real World didn’t speak to his biological brother for two years because he ate his can of tuna, so I’m pretty sure Britt has to go at least three-five years of zero communication with his adopted brother after this.


A House Divided

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