What to Watch on TV…

As you know my blog game has been slacking lately. You can blame corporate America, March Madness, and the following TV shows for the little exposure you have had to my brain.



If you are into music, drugs, and Olivia Wilde naked…this show is for you. Scorsese, Mick Jagger, and Terrence Winter (Sopranos) are all involved, making it possibly the best show running on TV right now. Haven’t seen a character as drug crazed as Richie Finestra since Vinny Chase in Entourage season 7.



This season has been good. The reason Shameless hasn’t shit the bed like every other Showtime show after a couple seasons is because there is literally nothing they can’t do. Since season 1 the most absurd, blasphemous shit is expected every episode. It has been consistently funny and raunchy. I do fear the Showtime curse will eventually come however.



Basically just a show of two douchebags competing (Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti). Axe (Lewis) escapes ISIS, returns home and starts his own hedge fund eventually making him a billionaire. Chuck Rhoades (Giamatti) is a sex crazed maniac who works for the man, but most likely secretly supports ISIS/thinks Axe is banging his wife so he tries to frame AXE, a hard-working American hero, for insider trading.

The People Vs. OJ Simpson


I will be showing my age with this one, but I had no idea two people even died. Everything that happens episode to episode is completely new to me which makes it even better. I also had no idea that Robert Kardashian was the guy who played Ross in Friends. So far I’m pretty sure OJ is innocent, but I think the prosecutors have them right where they want him. We will have to finish the series to see what happens.


What not to watch… anything on regular television that’s not a sitcom or about OJ and The Walking Dead because Zombies are for children.





What to Watch on TV…

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