Nick Wright Leaving Houston Radio

via “I’m leaving SportsRadio 610 to move to Los Angeles and do a new TV show with FS1. In many ways, this is dream come true for me and I couldn’t be more excited about this new challenge and new opportunity. However, I will have plenty of time to talk about what I’ll be doing and who I’ll be doing it within the coming days and weeks. Right now, I really just want to say this: Thank You.”

Well it’s been fun. Honestly, no show is more fun to laugh at/with than 610’s “In The Loop.” In a weird way Nick actually inspired me to start writing because if he can be successful in the field of journalism, anyone can. Even though he is WAY over the top, we share similar beliefs on social and political issues. At times he was too stubborn to even entertain others point of views, but that same stubbornness never permitted him to alter his beliefs or back down. Even when he and his life partner were being verbally assaulted by the beloved Tom Herman, he stood his ground. “In The Loop” was the first sports talk radio show I listened to consistently and it wasn’t because of Lopez. Love or hate Nick Wright he is one of those guys who makes you listen, similar to the losers on First Take. I do wonder if FS1 has seen him before, or have they just heard him on the radio? They do know the guy looks like Shaka Smart’s long lost brother who was hit in the face with a shovel right? Good luck Nick.

nick wright
via Houston.CBSLocal.Com
Nick Wright Leaving Houston Radio

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