Mascot Life: Not For The Weak

This is why mascots should not be at a softball game in the first place. The crowd is already dead and the poor kid has to come up with new ways to pump them up. This resorts mascots to paralyzing themselves just to get the people off their feet. One second you are on top of the world. The next, your legs don’t work and your wearing a diaper for the rest of your life. Yet, got to give this pup props and playing it off like it was nothing. Only thing hurt was his dignity. Probably wore the outfit all the way home. This way, no one would know who the idiot that climbed a fence and almost shattered their ankles for cheap claps at a little league softball game was.




The man behind the mask is Akon Briggs, a college student at The University of South Carolina. He dropped some pretty hardcore mascot quotes about his side of the story on his Facebook:

“It was me that did it and I’m paying for it now with pain. But that’s nothing new. I’ve been mascoting for a pretty long time and have well known background. I’m used to it. Yeah I learned my lesson. But by God Heath I can assure that I’m not a moron. For what doing things mascot do. Yeah don’t judge me. I love it and it’s a God given talent and long as I live he will bless me.

“Every mascot do stupid things. It’s kinda of something we supposed to. Did I take it a little far probably, but I have to deal with it. Once again something I’m used to. If u knew how I was at mascoting it wouldn’t surprise you. Some people says its all I got.”

Mascot life is real. Akon just “doing things mascot do” and “loving his God given talent” of being a mascot. Kinda have to respect a guy willing to die for what he loves.


P.S- “Some people says its all i got”????? Jesus,that might be the most depressing thing I have ever read.

Mascot Life: Not For The Weak

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