Adam LaRoche Retires

Via SB Nation- “The biggest news of the week was Adam LaRoche’s sudden retirement. Under two tenures with the Braves, LaRoche was highly thought of by teammates and everyone associated with the organization. The issue came about when Chicago White Sox general manager Kenny Williams told LaRoche to scale back the amount of time his son, Drake, spent in the White Sox clubhouse.”

Long time, no blog. Wish I had some cool excuse like I was on a booze binge out of the country. Truth is, I’ve been sucked into the corporate world. Super busy all week at work and then when I’m home my degenerate gambling habit takes all of the energy out of me. Missed out on a ton of great material as well. The Rockets playing average as usual, March Madness, oh and Adam LaRoche retiring because they asked him to cut back on the amount of time his son spends at work.

First off, where in the normal world would it be okay to bring your 14 year old kid to work? Bring your 14 year old kid to my work tomorrow and I promise I will punch you in the jejunum. Secondly, is it even appropriate yet alone sanitary to bring your 14 year old in a baseball clubhouse. Baseball players are hands down the most raunchiest athletes on the planet next to hockey players. And to turn down 13 million because your spoiled homeschooled kid can’t come with you to work everyday? East shit asshole.



Adam LaRoche Retires

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