Walk Down Memory Lane: Top 5 Worst Texans Losses

After having one of the best free agency off-seasons in team history, what better way to bring Texans fans back in their place then a good old recap of the worst losses in team history. That’s the life of a Houston fan. We can’t get excited for anything because we already know our fate.

5. Texans 16, Colts 19   December 22, 2011

Some might forget about this game but it was one of the most disappointing losses in Texan history. Let me refresh your memory. The Colts sucked. This was the year that Peyton was out and gave the Colts the first pick, Andrew Luck, the next year. They were 1-13 going into the game with Curtis Painter at QB. The Texans on the other hand, were 10-4 who already clinched the AFC South title. Now, what makes this game hurt was the fact that we had never won in Indy before. THIS was finally it. There was no Manning and we were actually good. No way a 10 loss team beats a 10 win team, especially with Painter getting hurt and 3rd string DAN ORLOVSKY taking the snaps. Welp, with 19 seconds left, Reggie Wayne catches a 1 yard TD to win the game.

4. Texans 24, Packers 42  October 14, 2012

The Texans started off the 2012 season hot, going 5-0 entering the Week 6 MNF game versus the Packers. It was a prime time game and the Texans were ready to show the nation they weren’t a joke anymore. It quickly became a bloodbath losing 42-24. Aaron Rodgers threw for a career high and a franchise record game throwing for 6 touchdowns.

3. Texans 20, Seahawks 23 (OT)  September 29, 2013

The 2013 season was a disaster. This was the 2-14 year were Schaub threw all those pick sixes and Kubiak had a heart attack on the field. But before the season went down hill, it was actually looking really positive. Coming off a 12-4 season and winning the first 2 games of the season, the Texans entered the game 2-1 against a very good Seahawks team (eventual Super Bowl champions). The Texans were rolling, going into the 4th quarter up 20-6. Then all hell broke lose. Coming off a J.JO pick, the Texans had the ball with 5 minutes left. They were leading 20-13 on Seattle’s 40 yard line. All they had to do was get one more first down, kick a field goal, and the win was in the books. Nope. Schaub throws a duck up to Richard Sherman, who takes it back to the house, tying the score and sending the game into OT. Overtime was worse. The Texans got the ball TWICE in overtime and had to punt both times. This gave Seattle another chance to win and they took it, kicking a field goal with 3 minutes left. This loss still haunts me today.

2. Texans 0, Cheifs 30  January 9, 2016

Yup. Even though the game was only played a couple months ago, the game jumps all the way to #2. The Texans had snuck into the playoffs after winning the pitiful AFC South. But they were still good enough to win and plus they were at home. The stadium was rocking before the game and the vibes of the city were actually really positive going into it. That all ended quickly after KC returned the opening kickoff. Then, Hoyer shit the bed going 15/34 for 136 yards and 4 interceptions. We couldnt even get a field goal. Disgusting.

1. Texans 14, Patriots 42  December 10, 2012

This game has to be number one on the list. The Texans (11-1) were the best team in the league and going into the Monday Night game against the Patriots (10-3). It was another chance to show the nation on prime time how good they were. Now, what makes this game so memorable is that before making the trip to Foxboro, the Texans reviled their infamous Letterman jackets. Not only did they look like a lame high school team,  but they played like one too. Tom Brady threw for or 4 TDs and the game turned into a massacre quick. Honestly, it makes me sick remembering the video of Watt and others stepping off the plane wearing them. Looking back on it now, thank God they lost. Imagine if the would have won. Imagine if they kept winning. Those jackets might seriously still be worn today. Thank you Tom Brady for putting us in our place.

Walk Down Memory Lane: Top 5 Worst Texans Losses

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