What A Day In H-Town…

Via ABC13-“A bizarre rush hour crash shut down Highway 290 at Huffmeister Road Monday morning. After a wreck, a woman stripped down and got on top of the cab of a big rig.

That woman refused to come down for about two hours. Firefighters and police officers finally coaxed her into a ladder truck basket at about 11am.”


It was an eventful morning in Houston to say the least. So much to blog about, so little time. Not only was there a police chase on 59 that led to an accident, but this hunk of a woman decided to hop on top of an 18 wheeler at 290 and Huffmeister around 9 am. Lucky for me I get to work before then unlike the rest of you degenerates. Also unlike the rest of you, I stand behind her 100%. Take it from someone that used to work in logistics, truck drivers are the most unreliable assholes on the planet. What a way to be stuck in traffic though. Guarantee that someone got fired for showing up late with such a dumbass excuse until their boss turned on the news.




What A Day In H-Town…

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