Texans Intersted In Brock Osweiler?

Via NFL.Com- “NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Monday on NFL Network that Denver believes Brock Osweiler will be its starter next season, but added that the Houston Texans are “viewed as a legitimate threat to pry him away from the Broncos.”‘



WOW. They don’t call me the king of hot takes for nothing. Took an extended lunch break to get a quick call in to my boys over at 790. 1. Because I’m an Asshole By Nature and 2. I’m basically a local celebrity. “Hey what’s up this is Jake, OBVIOUSLY.” The people have spoken and they want more of Jake on the radio, and who’s gonna give it to ’em my man? I am. But back to that sizzling take… Fuck Brock Osweiler. Why in the hell would I want a QB who has started 7 games in his career at the price tag of 15 million plus a year? Not advocating purely for RG Cubed, but jeez at least the guy has had his moments. Teams have proven that the way to build a franchise and win is to have a QB at a low price tag that doesn’t cripple cap space. And I better not hear the same old “He learned under a great QB in Peyton narrative.” That shit is so played out… Ryan Mallett ring a bell? How about BRIAN HOYER? The guy whose head everyone in Houston wants on a spike. Hopefully him getting into an altercation outside the pizza parlor will sway ole Bobby McNair away from this thug.

Texans Intersted In Brock Osweiler?

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