Rockets Sign MARQUEE Free Agents

Via ESPN’s Marc Stein- “Fresh off being named MVP of the Chinese Basketball Association, Michael Beasley is headed to the Houston Rockets, according to league sources. Sources told that Beasley and the Rockets have agreed to a contract for the rest of the season at the league minimum, with Houston possessing a team option for next season. reported last week that Beasley, 27, bypassed a lucrative offer from perennial European power Maccabi Tel Aviv, as well as other overseas interest, because he was determined to return to the NBA.”

Out goes the drunk, in comes the stoner. I see what Morey is doing here. He knows the team is on edge so he is signing the most mellow guy in the league to calm the nerves. Team chemistry may be out of whack now, but just wait until Beasley brings in some of that Chinese fire to a team smoke sesh at Harden’s place.

The former 2nd overall pick obviously hasn’t lived up to his NBA potential, but he did just win MVP of the Chinese Basketball League and he appears to be committed to continuing his career in the NBA (who wouldn’t after having to live in China for a couple months). He obviously has the talent and having success at the NBA level is dependent on being in the right system/situation so let’s hope he fits right in.


That wasn’t the only move of the day either. Hours earlier Morey signed former Laker point guard Andrew Goudelock who had been playing in China as well. Even if he doesn’t step foot on the court this year he will probably provide a more positive influence than Lawson, so overall A+ move. Need to learn how to pronounce that last name STAT.


Rockets Sign MARQUEE Free Agents

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