Rockets And Ty Lawson Reach A Buyout Agreement

Via ESPN- The Houston Rockets reached a buyout settlement on Tuesday with point guard Ty Lawson pending league approval, according to a source.

NBA teams have to release players by Tuesday in order for them to become eligible to sign with another team and participate on a playoff roster.

white flag.jpg

Pack it up boys let’s call it a season. The only thing more inconsistent than my takes on the Rockets, is the Rockets. One second I think we have potential to get shit together, the next minute they rip my heart out like Khal Drogo from Game Of Thrones. Some reading may think Ty didn’t make an impact on this team anyways, which is true, but this move has deeper implications. Since the D-Mo and recently waived Thornton trade was vetoed by that Ghost town of a city they call Detroit, the Rockets once again had to pay the 20 million dollar luxury tax penalty. The waiving of Thornton and Ty’s buyout will now place us under the salary cap, saving Leslie Alexander his money. Sure, Ty didn’t necessarily help us AT ALL this year, but with no more additions available to be made, he certainly was not making us worse by keeping him around. All this move represents is a business decision. Leslie didn’t become a billionaire by keeping his money invested in shitty stocks.



Rockets And Ty Lawson Reach A Buyout Agreement

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