Jaelen Strong Arrested For Pot


ESPN- Texans receiver Jaelen Strong was arrested by police in Arizona for possession of marijuana late Sunday, booked into jail and then released later without being charged.

According to the Scottsdale, Arizona, police department, Strong was riding in a black Maserati driven by Packers cornerback Damarious Randall when police stopped the car because it did not have a visible license plate. During the traffic stop, officers smelled the odor of marijuana, which is legal in Arizona only for medical purposes, and questioned Randall, Strong and a third passenger, Brayon Colley, about the odor.

Strong admitted to having marijuana without a medical marijuana card, then gave an officer a cigar box with three marijuana cigarettes in it. He was arrested while Randall and Colley were released at the scene.


With two months of 2016 in the books, three NFL players have been arrested for drugs or alcohol. Out of those three players, two have been drafted by our boy Rick Smith (Jaelen Strong and the worst Safety to step foot on the field, Shiloh Keo). BAADDD BOOYSS.

NFL players smoking weed is nothing new at all. Former RB Jamal Anderson is even quoted saying “WHEN I PLAYED, 40 TO 50 PERCENT OF THE LEAGUE USED IT. IT’S AT LEAST 60 PERCENT NOW”. But what makes this story stick out is the stupidity displayed by Strong.

For one, he was riding in a Maserati at midnight with NO LICENSE PLATES. Come on Jaelen, that’s day one stuff. Two, Get a damn fall guy. First thing I would do if I was a professional athlete is hire my own fall guy. Just bring him along in my entourage. He gets free shit from me, while also getting into places he normally wouldn’t be able to get into. Then, the second shit hits the fan, BOOM! Fall guy comes into save the day. Win/Win situation for all. However, it looks like there was a guy with fall guy potential in the car. Damarious Randall and Strong are both in the league and have something to lose. While this jabroni, Brayon Colley, is riding the coat tails of these athletes and doing a piss poor job at taking the blame. Jaelen you need to fire Brayon as your fall guy ASAP. He smokes YOUR weed, then drives YOUR Maserati home while YOU are in the cell.

Be better Jaelen. Get a real fall guy.


P.S. Let me know if you know an athlete looking for a new fall guy.

Jaelen Strong Arrested For Pot

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