Kurt Rambis Is A Big Fan Of Female Masturbation

Via NYDN- “Interim head coach Kurt Rambis showed he needs some help using Twitter over the weekend, after a very graphic pornographic tweet of a woman masturbating showed up in his “liked” tweets.

The photo is of an Asian woman pleasing herself while standing in front of a mirror, with the reflection of her backside also visible.The X-rated pic was captioned ‘Love female masturbation #NSFW.'”

My man Kurt. Just when the Knicks thought they were getting rid of one pervert head coach who fucked everything that moves, another porn freak steps in. It’s the circle of life. But honestly, who isn’t a fan of female masturbation? This is a pro-lesbian blog and if you don’t like it you can get the hell out you homophobes. 

The picture he liked was from the account @Ilike2touch_ and he still follows another account with the handle @GreatAssDaily because obviously the man appreciates a great ass just like the rest of us. Jonathan Spurowitz, the VP of Public Relations for the Knicks is claiming Kurt was hacked, but when you have a moustache like that in your playing days we’re not buying it.

kurt stache



Kurt Rambis Is A Big Fan Of Female Masturbation

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